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Will you be led to the pulpit?


By J. Marie, your Friday afternoon host

A struggle about the relationships of a want to-be porn star, ex-party girl, a wholesome christian and their religious parents has been airing on national television. That describes the basic plot line of  new reality show entitled The Preacher’s Daughters on the Lifetime Network.   Lets face it, it could be interesting  to peek inside of a preachers house, and who doesn’t love a bad girl? All three girls have stories that will have you laughing, screaming and possibly even crying but yet the girls’ lives are somehow connected, all at the same time.

One of the girls Taylor, who doesn’t live too from the Chicago area, right down the street in Joliet, Illinois, feels like she’s trapped in her own home. And her only way to feel free is to fantasize about what life would be like working in the porn industry and outside of her parent’s house.

Kolby, the youngest, but most sane girl on the show is ready to start dating. But her mother, who’s a pastor, won’t give her 2 seconds with the boy of her dreams. She’s so extreme that she made a guy that Kolby has a crush on, sign a contract saying no sex, until marriage.

Then there’s the oldest girl Olivia who is your typical “party girl”. She has done all the drugs that you could possibly think of and unfortunately for her religious family, she got pregnant. But that’s not it for her; little Olivia is confused as to who is the father of her two month old daughter is.

The show allows you to peep inside the lives of all three girls. It’s a reality show that addresses some of the growing pains that teens experience but takes it all in another direction by focusing on how these girls must balance their religious lives with their worldly lives. This is why after watching only four episodes I’m hooked!

Preacher’s Daughters comes on at 10pm on Tuesday night on the Lifetime Network. Make sure to tune in every week to get your dose of the girls that walk the thin line between heaven and hell, at least according to their parents. I guess its true what they say, even the lords angels can’t help but to take a trip on the dark side.

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