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Who Misses the NHL? Good News There’s Still Hockey Out There…



I had the opportunity to talk with Ross Houslander from Columbia College who recently got to do the play-by-play calling for a hockey tournament in Blaine Minnesota. With all the NHL labor talks and still no hockey it has been a relatively quiet year for the sport. Ross explains how he had to prepare for the tournament, some of the people he met, and puts his own thoughts on what’s in the future for the sport.


Jesse White Talks Tumblers

Secretary of State Jesse White recently payed Columbia College Chicago a visit for an interview with radio student Dan Malone to talk about his Jesse White Tumblers. Secretary White talks all things tumblers in their interview including how they were founded, what it takes to be a tumbler, and the overall mission of the program. The Jesse White Tumblers have become a globally recognized organization with a deep history and roots in the city of Chicago. If you would like to make a contribution to the Jesse White Tumblers, click here. Tune in for a very interesting and educational interview.


High Flying Action!


Sean Wilmsen interviews EIU Rugby Player Nick Schultz

Radio student Sean Wilmsen had a chance this week to sit down with student-athlete Nick Schultz. Nick is a member of Eastern Illinois University’s Men’s Rugby team, The Hornets. They discuss multiple topics including the rules of Rugby and how the club came to formation. If you’d like to find out more about the Rugby team, you can find their website HERE.