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Did you know there is a Chicago Council of Global Affairs?

In this interview Brett Jackson sits down with Dr. Rachel Bronson, the Vice President of Studies of the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. If this title intrigues you, The Chicago Council of Global Affairs is a meeting place for a public platform of talking about Global Affairs and Foreign Affairs. A hallmark of what they do are the surveys and publications that they conduct in regards to Global Affairs around the world. They use these finding to form insights and gain perspective of important national and international issues. With the European debt crisis, The U.S debt to China, The Israel-Hamas conflict, now more than ever is Foreign policy and affairs more important.


Chicago Pizza Tours

Columbia College Radio student Jessica Garcia recently spoke with Jonathon Porter, owner and founder of the Chicago Pizza Tours organization. Chicago Pizza Tours is designed to offer tourists and locals a deeper look into one of Chicago’s most famous eats. The tour takes you through many different Chicago neighborhoods and Pizzerias, and offers more than just the traditional deep dish Chicago is known for. The tour offers guests a look into kitchens at the restaurants and even a lesson on the physics of pizza. You won’t want to miss this one!

Also, check out their YouTube channel!