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Big Up’s for Big Mouth


Netflix’s new show is dirty, raunchy, but most of all hilarious.

We got another binger from Netflix, so clear out your Saturday because Big Mouth is taking you back to that awkward stage we all had growing up. It’s centered around two teens named Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andrew (John Mulaney) dealing with puberty, girls, and everything we remember from middle school.

Big Mouth came from the beautiful mind of Nick Kroll. The first episode is called “Ejaculation” so you can obviously see what your in for. Once you get used to Nick Kroll’s comedy, the show really brings back a lot of the nostalgia and innocence of growing up. It’s hard for kids out there. I remember the crappy stuff like getting bullied and picked on. But I also remember the good stuff like my first true love and my first kiss. They covered all that in just ten episodes. It had me laughing and remembering the good old days of being a kid. Nick and his pals captured so many moments of growing up and I can’t wait for season 2!

Big Mouth was released on September 29, 2017, so if you haven’t checked it out yet add it to the watch list and remember what it’s like growing up.


Sign me up for CBS’s “Good Doctor”

OMG it most definitely i. I was hooked when he said this. I think this will be one of my favorite shows. I also LOVE the fact this show and Speechless acknowledges people with disabilities and special needs. I’ve worked with special needs children in the past and quiet as kept, some had more sense than a “normal” person. We need to be a little more compassionate and stop taking so much for granted.

The Gallager family has been ‘Shameless’ly Unusual lately…

“I’m 23. It can’t be about how much they screwed us up anymore”
~ Fiona Gallagher (Shameless Season 4).

Liam, Lip, Ian, Fiona, Debbie, Carl… Frank…Monica…

The Gallagher’s

Shameless originally started out of the states in the U.K, but since it’s arrival in the U.S, it has garnered HUGE success and adoration of fans all over. Having never watched the U.K show, I cannot say what that family is like, but I do know my facts on the U.S show. It is my favorite show I have ever seen, aside from Breaking Bad, a nation wide award winning show starring Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul, this show is just as good. It makes your stomach clench, your fists fill with anger, and it has made me shed a lot of tears. The Gallagher’s, and the cast, are incredibly skilled at hitting all your emotions throughout the show. Tears of sadness, but tears of overwhelming joy as well. It is shows like this that make Television come out of it’s holes. It takes a special amount of magic to get a cast together that fits so perfectly, like a puzzle. I am sure many, many shows have failed due to lack of any luck with the casting. It has to be just right. And this shows cast put the nail on the coffin.

The show just finished it’s 7th season and it has not failed to get more “weird” as the seasons pass by. It is full of everything imaginable. Love, hate, anger, sex, drugs, alcohol abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, utter confusion, hopelessness, mental illness, cancer, poverty, struggle, set backs, hardships, the list goes on. This show has it all and from being a loyal fan since the premiere of season 1, I must say this show just gets better and better.

Through everything, this family, The Gallagher’s, despite it all, show that family can triumph time and time again because no matter what, they have each others back, and it is a heart wrenching love that knows no bounds.

As a dedicated fan, having seen every single episode, I can give a brief review of where the show lands as the 7th season finished up. With plans, of an 8th to come out soon.

First off, the show is based out of Chicago, the South Side area where some of the most crimes are committed throughout history of the U.S. It is a dangerous area for a child, for a family to grow up and this is what creates such strength within each Gallagher. You can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. These Gallagher’s, not only take the heat, but they burn in the fire. From season 1 to season 7 there have by no means been a period of episodes where any of the family members have had a “vacation”.