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Greater Chicago Food Depository


Greater Chicago Food Depository is a non-profit organization that has been working for years to stop hunger in the Illinois and Cook County communities. 200,000 pounds of food is distributed on a daily to people in need. They distribute food through our network of partner agencies and programs, including free distributions and responses for children, older adults and veterans.

wha-we-do-distributionThe food the organization distributes are donations, purchased or part of federal government programs such as Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). Food donations happen at every point along a supply chain, from farmers and manufacturers to distributors, wholesalers and retail grocers. They buy in bulk in order to meet the needs of our community and aim to cater to their nutritional needs. About 700 food drives are set with sponsors from community organizations, professional and Local businesses, schools and faith groups each year.

producemobileVolunteers and employees at our food bank and training centre help prepare food for distribution. Before distribution, the food is inspected, sorted, repacked and labelled and picked up by climate-controlled vehicles which distribute food safely throughout Cook County.

So as we strive to end hunger in Cook County, let’s come together for the Greater Chicago Food Depository Hunger Walk as we help raise funds and create awareness for the fight!


The Golden Tour

680x400-Romeo-Santos-dcec3e816bThe King of Bachata Romeo Santos presented himself in Chicago February 28th at the United Center.

It had been quite a while since his last tour and with so much success coming into his Golden album you already had a glimpse of what was to come. Entering the United Center doors, you immediately get consumed with Latin culture hearing the reggae, hip-hip, and Caribbean tones and people hurrying to take their seat while others patiently wait to buy drinks and food.

The tour began with Dj Mad blaring the speakers with party music gathering the crowd to get hyped. The music infested your body to the point where you couldn’t help but dance along. When all of a sudden Romeo Santos voice interrupts causing a frenzy of female voices to cheer and swoon.

The concert was very entertaining and the best parts was when Romeo Santos would interact with the crowd. He occasionally invited not just women on stage, but men as well. There was a moment where he had two gentlemen have five minutes of fame by singing along Mr. Santos song Bella y Sensual. In that very moment was when the crowd went crazy creating laughter and excitement that most likely could be heard all the way to Wrigley.

Romeo Santos is a great performer and romantic and the show itself may be simple, but worth the money. If Romeo Santos is coming to your city for his Golden Tour you might want to get a ticket if you enjoy getting serenaded and partying at the same time.

The Importance of a Pumpkin Spice Playlist

download.jpgWell maybe not pumpkin Spice because that’s too basic. More of a “Ready to Fall” playlist. Yes!

Now that the seasons have changed, so should your Spotify playlist or any other playlist that you might have. Change up your music for the day and jam to some throwbacks or find some new bops. I’ve done my research and have created a Spotify playlist that you need to have saved so you can listen wherever you are. This playlist has new and old sounds that are perfect for this sweater weather. My playlist is a mix of Indie, Hip Hop and pop. I thinks the beats are pretty relaxing, my Ready to Fall playlist is also my study playlist and my go to playlist when im commuting to school. Check it out!!!

Below is my link along with another by Kimmy Spoons.