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Graduation Jitters

By Sara Gunn

As news of my pending graduation from college begins to get out to family and friends, I’m constantly asked two of the most simple questions that call for some very difficult answers.

  • What are your plans after graduation?
  • Are you excited to be graduating?

Before I attempt to answer these questions let me state some facts. According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America Survey, millennial’s are the country’s most stressed out generation due to the fact that we face high college tuition costs and exorbitant student loan debt compared to past generations.   There is also stiff competition for jobs as we enter the work force.

So is graduating from college really a reason to celebrate?

The best way I can describe my college experience is to compare it to going on a road trip for the first time.  When I first got to leave home after attending a community college for two years I was excited, anxious AND maybe a little nervous.  As I started my journey and got the hang of the quote “college life” it became a smooth ride, with a built-in GPS for when I got lost. Granted there were a few speed bumps during the journey but I experienced some once in a lifetime memories during the long ride.  I have now reached my final destination, graduation.

As graduation day approaches, I feel like everything is changing.  The thought of leaving behind my college days and entering “the real world” becomes a scary feeling. This is the first time I find myself day dreaming a lot more and constantly asking myself “what’s next in my life?” In high school, there were guidance counselors and parents around to help you decide your next step. Now as college comes to an end I start to realize that what once was a smooth ride down the street is now riddled with pot holes, the speed bumps are starting to become road blocks and the passengers that once filled my car are starting to be replaced with silence.

The pressure to find a job in my field before the 6-month grace period on my student loans will be soon approaching and the mere thought of those loans creep into my head everyday.  I also can’t seem to shake the possibility that I might never, ever work in my field and all of the classroom work, internships and projects that I did was all for nothing.  Even though I feel that my college curriculum prepared me for my field and all of my instructors shared their wisdom and provided me with whatever I needed, I still ask myself, am I ready? Can I do this? Will I make it?

How many of you soon to be college graduates feel the same way? I’d love for you to respond or call me during my show every Tuesday from 11am until 3pm.

Soon to be a college graduate,

Sara Gunn


Lorde Gives the ‘Green Light’ on Her New Single

By Angel Stewart

Since the release of her first album, Pure Heroine, in 2013, we haven’t heard much new music from Lorde. After the success of the album, she followed up with tours, festival appearances, and features on The Hunger Games soundtrack and released a song with Disclosure, and then disappeared off the radar.

During her hiatus from the spotlight, Lorde grew as both a woman and a musician. At only 16, Lorde’s first album was about growing up and getting through her teenage years. Now 20 years old, Lorde has made it clear that she’s all grown up. Her new track ‘Green Light’ steers away from her youthful lyrics to something a bit more mature and vulnerable: heartbreak. The pain she felt is evident in the beginning of the song, but progressively moves to remembering the past, and by the end of the song you can hear a sense of freedom in her voice. The slow, melodic piano notes at the forefront of the track build into a faced paced dance beat that coincides with the progression of the story. Through this song, it’s evident that Lorde is all grown up, and her music has grown with her. When she first started giving hints about her sophomore album, titled ‘Melodrama’, she promised it would be much different from the first and she definitely held herself to it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to Lorde’s transition to adulthood portrayed through ‘Melodrama’, and if the rest is anything like ‘Green Light’, we can expect something great.

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Why You Need to Listen to Ari Lennox

by Da’Nelle Grier

Hailing from Washington D.C., Ari Lennox is a name you will never forget with a vocal quality just as striking as her features. I’m not kidding. This woman has the fullest, most enticing head of curls, beautiful, mahogany skin, and a jawline to die for.… how DARE she.

But on a more serious note, Ari completely has the “it” factor. No, scratch that. Ari is the “it” factor. Her sound is the perfect combination of passion, rawness, strength, (and a hint of Baduizm) that would make anybody fall in love. Her personality is vibrant and quirky — the qualities I’m sure we all look for in a best friend. Lastly, her entire aesthetic is that of a carefree woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and that is the ultimate role model material.

Recently crowned as the First Lady of J. Cole’s Dreamville Records, there’s no doubt in my mind the world will soon be mesmerized by this 22-year-old R&B powerhouse.

Click here to watch Ari Lennox’s music video for “Backseat” feat. Cozz from her newest EP, Pho (available for download on iTunes and Apple Music).

Here’s also a list of some of my favorites by Ari:


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