Manifest: Committing to our Community Broadcast 2012

As the world gets more networked, our dependency on social networks become more important to supporting both our virtual and real communities.  That is why this year we are exploring the work of organizations to utilize these new forms of media to empower their neighborhoods.

Laura Zumdahl is the Vice President, Nonprofit Services, at Donors Forum, an Illinois organization providing resources for networking and education on behalf of both philanthropic and nonprofits organizations.

Sara Seely (center) of Give Forward, with WCRX-FM’s Ruby Pinto and David Sparacio

Give Forward is a company that has helped families to raise over fourteen millions dollars for those in need.  This for-profit company helps people post their needs, such as medical expenses to ask for financial or emotional support.

Sarah Seely joined WCRX-FM’s Ruby Pinto and David Sparacio to explain how the site works, and how to start your very own fundraising campaign.

As technologies continue to get better and faster, computers seem outdated as you take them out of the store.  Who hasn’t opened a drawer to find old cables, mouse pads and keyboards or an antiquated CPU collecting dust in the corner of a closet or office?

Free Geek Chicago tries to find new homes for those outdated discarded technologies once a group of volunteers pick apart and rebuild them from a workshop full of salvaged parts.

WCRX-FM’s Shane Reynolds went out to the offices and training space of Free Geek Chicago where weekends are filled with staff and volunteers taking in donations and making this more valuable.

It’s no secret that social media is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your message out to the public. It can be a challenge to stay up to date with constant updates and changes to sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as new ones to look out for.

Demitrio Maguigad is the new media manager at Community Media Workshop.  The Organization helps community organizations to make the most of their social media presence.  He spoke with WCRX-FM’s Ruby Pinto and Jacob Chandler with his work with community organizations to understand and best utilize social media to make the most of their efforts.

Mindy Faber, Academic Manager of Interactive Arts & Media at Columbia College assisted in the creation of a mobile application, Mi Parque, around the development of a park in Chicago’s Little Village Neighborhood.

She joined WCRX-FM’s Ruby Pinto and Jacob Chandler for this year’s live broadcast, Committing to Our Community: Empowering Neighborhoods through Technology.

They spoke about how mobile apps can be used to increase community engagement.

Benevolent is a website that truly empowers neighborhoods through technology, connecting those in need to those who can give.

What’s so unique about this organization is that the connection is made through the power of personal storytelling. CEO and the founder Megan Kashner spoke with WCRX-FM’s Ruby Pinto and David Sparacio about the inspiration behind the giving site.


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