Choose The Cover

For the first time in its history, Rolling Stone Magazine is having a competition to “Choose the Cover” for an upcoming issue.  16 unsigned bands are competing not only for this impressive cred, but also for a contract with Atlantic Records and make their debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  We at WCRXFM decided this was the time to talk with as many of these bands as we can before the blowup.

Because we never leave, and we always rock – Matthew Malone of DMG CTRL (Tuesdays 9p-Midnight) and Brian Hlavacek of Rock Of Ages (Wednesdays 9p-11p) took on the task of hunting down all 16 bands in the contest.

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UPDATE: THE FIELD OF 16 HAVE BEEN CUT DOWN… AND THE REMAINING 8 BATTLE IT OUT IN ROUND 2!  Head over to and vote for your favorite to move on!



So we start with the hometown heroes, Chicago’s representation: Empires

Tha Boogie has straight up swagger. Coming out of California with influences like Outkast and Prince, while recently opening up for Raphael Saadiq’s tour because of a simple Myspace message.  They have modest aspirations: to be the biggest band in the world.

Skyler Stonestreet has a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but her mother wasn’t impressed.   It’s one of two artists in this contest that I’ve seen use a Samsonite as a drum.  She just finished shooting a brand new music video and she refuses to give up the details of her new music, but she                                                                                  wants you to know it’s coming.

Fictionist comes from a unorthodox city for modern music.  Provo, Utah has one venue and doesn’t serve alcohol, the fuel for a lot of concert enjoyment.  But that didn’t stop them from giving people a reason to pay attention aside from the Utah Jazz.  Don’t call it indie, maybe call it space rock.

Lelia Broussard blossomed with humble beginnings of a 6 year old girl singing at a (surprisingly high-attendance) indoor soccer game – it began with songs about a jerk orthodontist and finally, sad robots and life.  Her new album “Masquerade” is out now – find out what she has to say.

The Sheepdogs

Next, we bring you the most the ‘Most Exciting Band in Saskatoon” and the only Canadian representation for this contest.  Learn a little bit about Canadian geography and why this band who channels classic rock roots wants to win.
They are The Sheepdogs.


Be sure to check out the other 2 remaining – we’ve talked to them, but sometimes setting up interviews is a difficult thing…  Romany Rye and Mod Sun (And catch Mod Sun’s “Thought You Should Know” playing on WCRX!)


(Well… 4 of them.  Jamestown Revival, The Americans and Ume’s interviews haven’t gone up yet and, frankly, we never heard back from Go Periscope!)

Muffy is one of the most unique artists (with her music classified as ‘YummyPop”) and one of the very few solo artists in this concert, calling in from Atlanta, is the Pop/Dance Princess, Muffy Mommy (She also has about 80 more nicknames.)


This next band shows that even though Aerosmith may not have been that friendly to them, they’re packing venues all around California, doing their part to help out Haiti and trying to play music that people could feel justified in paying for.  It’s PK

The Gallery involves brothers that promise not to pull an Oasis.  They’ve quit their jobs to focus completely on the music. Bridging the gap between mainstream and indie, they have a brand new EP, only a week old and they’re ready for more.

The Steelwells

Rolling Stone felt the need to embellish their story a little, but this group of part time real world employees and part time rockers can just as well let their music speak for itself.  With a song recently featured on NBC’s “Chuck”, Joey Winter doesn’t believe that the students at his school will treat him any differently if The Steelwells make the cover of Rolling Stone.


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