Bono asked the crowd on a few occasions on Tuesday “Summertime in Soldier Field,where else would you want to be?” On Tuesday for the 65,000 people in attendance they had only one answer.

After much anticipation and excitement u2 finally made it to Chicago on Tuesday, after canceling last years show due to a Bono back injury and subsequent surgery. Coming on stage to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” the concert was setting up to be out of this world… including the “Claw”. The massive stage structure sported a video screen that expanded at least 70 feet, and rotating stage that gave the whole audience prime view of the band. Easily the largest stage ever built for a tour.

As the show began the enamored crowd immediately began to sing along with what many say is the world’s most philanthropic band, starting with the opening “Even Better than the Real Thing” and continuing on for the rest of the show, U2 fans are truly dedicated. Being that I am only a casual U2 fan I can say that I was thoroughly impressed. The band played many of their hits including a moving video from the International Space Station,introducing “Beautiful Day” where Capt. Mark Kelly expressed his love and devotion to his wife Gabrielle Giffords, the US Representative from Tucson, who was shot during a rally in Arizona.

Two Encores later the show ended with a tribute to Greg Carroll, an assistant and friend who died in a 1986 motorcycle accident. The band got together to play “One Tree Hill” from 1987’s Joshua Tree. “If we screw up really badly, don’t put it on the Internet” Bono proclaimed while the Edge found his groove. Needless to say no proclamation was necessary….

Nicki Butler and Joe Lundstrom Planking the day away at WCRX-FM

Internet Craze Alert! Planking

What is Planking exactly? It’s a stupid Internet sensation that is picking up momentum around the world… that’s what it is. Planking is the act of lying facedown for a photograph. The term planking originated from Australia but it’s actually just another name for ‘the lying down game’ (Seriously). The simple specific instructions: put your body face down to the ground or table, or object, or anything with your arms to the side and lie down in a public place. Sound easy? That’s because it is.
The act itself is to lie down on the ground. Anybody can do that, right? That’s why kids are getting crazier and crazier. You get creativity points for planking in odd places like trees branches or escalators or animals! Or even balls. The more wild you get, the ‘better’ the picture will be.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this Internet sensation but I can’t help to laugh at people “pretending” to be a piece of wood. There are over 180,000 followers on the planking Facebook site and growing. With so much popularity, planking took an unfortunate turn when an Australian man fell 7 stories after attempting to “plank” on top of a hotel.

When does an Internet craze go to far? Is planking even that funny?
Tell me what do you think? I’d like to hear from you on my Facebook page or give me a call at (312) 663-3512 during my show every Friday afternoon from 3 to 7pm only on WCRXFM!


Camp Invention – Helping Tomorrow’s Inventors Today by @mauer_power7

In one classroom junior scientists explored static electricity, circuits and ways to power motors. Across the hallway in a different classroom named Edison’s Workshop, students brought in old household items to take apart and construct a multi-step machine. In another classroom, children are experimenting with the mathematical properties of soap bubbles and created their own bubble wands.

This was all part of the week-long Camp Invention held last week at Horace Mann Elementary School which I had the pleasure of working at. Each day, children rotated through five classes that asked them to use creative thinking and problem-solving skills to solve real-world challenges. The summer enrichment camp, a program of Invent Now, is open to children entering first through sixth grades.
The camp encourages the children to take the skills they learned at Camp Invention and continue using them at school and at home. The camp shows kids they can have a lot of fun, but also learn something, too.

Aqualung At Its Finest – Jethro Tull Celebrating AuqaLung’s 40th in Chicago by @LaurenKRadio

When I hear the music of Jethro Tull, I think of the three things; my dad, Florida and of course the obvious, a British man standing on one foot playing the flute. My dad is the one who got me into this band a couple of years ago while we were vacationing in Florida. Driving down the boardwalk, blasting “Locomotive Breath,” I discovered not only does my dad have good taste in music, but also this band is unbelievably talented. I have to give him props for introducing me to Ian Anderson’s music along with a good friend of mine who gave me the privilege of seeing him live.
Two tickets were given to me through a friend to see Jethro Tull over the weekend at the Rosemont Theater. This was not the typical concert I was used to though. I have been going to concerts since I was 12 years old, have been to every venue in Chicago and seen perhaps almost all genres of music performed live (except country, which will probably never happen). The majority of the audience was middle-aged people, and the weird thing was, everyone was well behaved! Usually you have at least one drunken a**hole stirring up some ruckus, but the Rosemont Theater is a very classy place and drinks were not allowed at your seats. Not to mention, $7.00 a beer for a Dixie sized cup, you’re crazy to pay that. The only other time I actually sat and watched a concert was at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which I highly recommend going to at least once. As they say though, there’s a first time for everything, and here my friend and I sat in our seat in awe listening to this music.

Concerts to me are a place to be loud, where you can dance and sing at the top of your lungs. Now, I’m not bashing on this setting by any means, it was just different than what I’m used to. The intimate setting and the excellent sound quality made up for everything.

America opened for Jethro Tull and played for about an hour. Classics like “Horse With No Name,” “Ventura Highway,” and “Lonely People” made up the set list along with some of their new hits that will be on their new album, Back Pages coming out in late July. This band literally sounded as if I were listening to the radio. All in their 60’s, these five men still have it vocally and musically. It was very relaxing listening to this folk rock music, and thanks to the gentleman sitting next to me, I was able to use his binoculars to get a better view.

Jethro Tull came out next to perform their whole album, “Aqualung.” Starting off with “Living In the Past,” you cold just tell it was going to be a great show. Not only can Ian Anderson play the flute like no other, but also he’s got quite the personality. Cracking jokes in between songs, he put a smile on everybody’s face. He is most well known for his ability to stand on one foot while playing the flute, which is quite amazing. A band that consists of a flute is already good, but then they busted out a mandolin and accordion and just tore the stage up. You can tell these men really have a passion for music and use their talent to the fullest extent. Ian Anderson had some very bizarre dance moves, but that’s what showed his personality. Although I don’t fully know the whole “Aqualung” album, I was still able to appreciate the music. The music on the radio now a days is so overplayed and gets boring after awhile, so it was good to go to a live show and listen to something you don’t normally hear everyday. “Locomotive Breath” ended the show, which was the encore for the night. That by far is my favorite Jethro Tull song, and you always have to save the best for last!
What I appreciated most about these bands was at the end of their time on the stage, they came out as a band and did the old fashion bow to the audience. To me that’s showing they are gentleman and appreciate their fans. Not like some of the acts now a days that take things for granted. It’s the little things that count, and with that they received standing ovations. Thanks to my dad for being the one who introduced me to all the music to I listen today and my good friend, Lynda, I was able to experience a new memory and band!

I already had my “Taste” and I did not like it.
by @mattontheair

That time of year, is here yet again in Chicago. Street closures, more packed than usual public transportation, and Metra cars, and oh YES a ridiculous amount of people. I’m talking about the Taste of Chicago. Now, while I have only gone once and they have made changes to the way things are done. The desire has never crept up again to mill around with bugs flying all over, over priced tastes that are at times served at the same temperature, don’t even try to eat ice cream, because you will be wearing it before your first lick. Now where there is entertainment every year from music legends Stevie Wonder in ’07, and Loretta Lynn this year…it still does not pull me in.

The draw of the whole sample many different cuisines all in one place….does not hit home since I live in the city and can pop in at any time to these featured restaurants and eat a whole plate of the food that is offered. The Taste is made for tourists and my recommendation is for it to remain that way. If you are in town visiting welcome and enjoy; for my money I’ll make a reservation at a restaurant and enjoy my meal without the added flavor of someone else’s sweat……

Far it be it from me to stop you though, if you choose to go check this link: http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en/supporting_narrative/events___special_events/special_events/park_district/Taste_of_Chicago.html for a full schedule of entertainment and restaurants that are offered.

$ummerfest worth the price?…..you be the judge.
by @mattontheair
43 years ago, then Milwaukee Mayor Henry Maier
conjured up an idea to have a festival along Milwaukee’s lake front similar to that of Oktoberfest in Germany. Beers, Brats and Weiner schnitzel….FUN!!!! The food part of his plan is offered, but what Maier did not plan is for the festival to turn into the largest music festival in the world. With headliners in past years from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stevie Wonder, to Kanye West this year, the festival, hits all genres of music and that is only at the Marcus Amphitheatre. Summerfest offers over 700 bands on 11 stages, throughout the 11 day run. The schedule is easy to navigate through the webpage.

If you don’t have the coin to drop to see a headliner at the Marcus Amphitheatre there are plenty of popular artists rocking out on the festival grounds from Meatloaf, Kansas and REO for the classic rock lovers to Matisyahu, Michael Franti, and Wiz Khalifa. Weekdays for only $8 and weekends $15. Either way, if you’re looking for a day of food, fun, music and your beverage of choice in my opinion it is well worth the money, as a matter of fact here is a little taste of what you will hear……


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