First Year Writer’s Essay Program

WCRX-FM is working with the English Department’s First Year Writing Program, asking students to submit a personal essay, to be produced and aired on Chicago’s Underground.

Writers will work with their instructors to create personal essays on a topic of their choosing.  For the past three semesters, students have shared their stories.  The submissions have been as vast as the student body.

Those selected for production are then voiced by the author and produced into radio segments for our annual audio magazine, Radio Graffiti by WCRX Production staff.

Tune in to WCRX-FM later this spring for Radio Graffiti to hear the featured essays along side works from Columbia College Chicago radio majors, Audio Arts & Acoustics and Journalism Majors.


Brandon’s Boxers

We all have mementos the remind us of our past. Writer Sara Surgi holds on to her ex-boyfriend’s boxers to remember the good times and to remind her to be a better person.


From cowbells to Jingle bells writer Lien Le loves the sounds they make so much that its her constant companion.

The Wig

Besides the regular stuff found on a bathroom counter, writer Max Kimble’s family has a special place for a special worn wig.

We Are All Lost

From getting your first job to deciding on a major finding your way is not easy. Writer Karen Fischer finds comfort in this universal experience.

The Basement

While most of us would be scared to venture downstairs, curious of the strange noises we hear, writer LaVonte Battle was drawn to the sounds and credits them as the inspiration for his passion.

Ballad of a Best Friend

Every writer struggles with it. Some master this tool. Writer Adam Schmidt finds that win or lose you always have your best friend with you need to work things out.


George Paskalev was born and raised in Bulgaria before eventually immigrating to Chicago to attend Columbia College. His fears and impressions of the United States changed when he showed up to school and took the elevator up to his new home.

Fear of the Unknown

Karla E. Venegas served a tour of duty in Iraq prior to coming to Columbia College Chicago. This is the story of her first day in the War zone.


Friends come and go from out life. Essayist Natalie Kretlow remembers one that made a lasting impact.


While finishing up her stint as a Marine, writer Vanessa Barnes took on an undercover job that changed her life.


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