The Process

October 27, 2012

DodgeballConstantin Rasinariu, Chairperson for the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia College Chicago about a grant to teach math to artitsts. Patrick Fawell discusses Autism with Lou Melgarejo of Autism Speaks and Erin Nederbo talks dodgeball with Kim Nguyen and Phil Keefe  of the Chicago Dodgeball Brigade.

October 20, 2012

FLoadOfScotchtape-WWCRXFM’s Dan Shearer speak with Chicago Filmmaker Julian Grant about his film, F.L.O.S.T., premiering at the Chicago International Film Festival.  Kyle Flynn sits down with  George Mulkowski, member of the Green Party of Chicago.   And Gabrielle Bonia speaks with Kenya Drew, executive director of  Swish Dreams about teaching youth fitness, literacy and leadership through sports. 

Saturday April 28, 2012

Melissa Swift talks with Rowena Vergara, the coordinator for the March of Dimes walks and events. Becky Nystedt sits down with the guitarists Mark Nussle and Chris Rymer from local punkcore band, On A High Wire. And Nate Brandel speaks with two of the performers, Nick McKula and Keith Harbersberger, from the comedy show, Octavarius.

Saturday June 4, 2011

Joan Mitchell was a pioneer of sorts.  She joked about being a lady painter, but held her own with the likes of Jackson Pollack and other abstract expressionists when she moved from Chicago to New York and then on to France.  Her works challenged the male dominated artist scene, redefining the vision of abstract by pushing the boundaries of the palette.
On this week’s Process, Patricia Albers, author of the biography, Joan Mitchell: Lady Painter A Life, is in Chicago for the Printer’s Row Lit Fest this weekend and spoke with WCRX-FM’s Barbara Calabrese.

Saturday April 30, 2011

Over 2700 athletes are expected to come out for the 43rd Annual Special Olympics Chicago Spring Games. John Gregory recently sat down with James Sheehan, President of Special Olympics Chicago, about their spring games and work of the organization.  Molly Fannon, also known as Bork Bork Bork of the Windy City Rollers talks about the next generation of roller derby with WCRX-FM’s Jonathan Bucio. And Mixed Martial Arts Announcer Ray Flores talks with Robert McCarthy about his love of this sport.

Saturday April 23, 2011

George Cotsirilos speaks with Rob Colletti of the American Theater Company about their re-staging the original Grease Musical. Michelle Burke sits down with Suzy Brack lead singer for the band Suzy Brack & The New Jack Lords.  And Shannon Dawson speaks with Arel Brown of the southside mainstay, Soul Vegetarian East

Saturday April 16, 2011

Amy Ravit Korin, Volunteer coordinator for a social media club in Chicago talks about bringing the virtual world more real. Megan Levine speaks with Dot Dot Dot drummer Marty Kane. And Micheal Michalski speaks with Heather McDonald Project Manager for the American Cancer Society’s Walk N Roll Event.

Saturday April 2, 2011

Spring is here which means baseball is starting up.  WCRX’s Marco Scola sits down Mackinley Salk, of the Columbia College Renegades, to talk about being a coach and player at an art school.  Dennis Gambino talks improv with William Meincke of Delirious Confetti.   And Shannon Ingram talks with Oscar Valdez and Lester Rogers of Student Voices about creating events for students to show their talents.

Saturday March 19, 2011

Jennifer Patience Rowe speaks with Taylor Mason Snider of Nothing But You Athletics about learning the game of life while shooting hoops.  Ryan McKiddy talks Columbia College Chicago history with Conrad Winke co-author of a new book on the campus.  And Brian Hlavacek talks touring and recording with bassists Joel Chasco of Color Radio.

Saturday March 12, 2011

This week on The Process Marco Scola sits down with author Jeff Davis about his new novel Smoke Rings, Megan Buckley talks record collecting with John Govi, founder of the Chicagoland Record Collector’s Show and David Sparacio sits down George Zarr about audio drama and how technology is reviving this art form.

Saturday March 5, 2011

This week on The Process Jennifer Patience Rowe speaks with Venus Collective members Clarissa Gonzalez and Kristen Atkinson about social change through performance.   Joe DeLong speaks with Henry Scherrer and Matt Winkelman of the band Jet Black Comedy.  And Jonathan Bucio sits down with Elvis Kunesh, creator and star of the web series The Windy City about the release of the first season on DVD.

Saturday December 11, 2010

Megan Buckley Interviewing Katie Bell, beater for the Prisoners of Azkaban Team about taking a sport from the silver screen to the Quidditch Pitch. Nicky Butler Interviews Sami Grisafe of the Chicago Force, Women’s Professional Tackle Football League. And Joe DeLong talks Mixed Martial Arts with announcer Ray Flores.

Saturday November 27, 2010: Burlesque

The popularity of Burlesque has gained in popularity in recent years.  And with this weeks opening of the movie, starring divas Cher and Christina Aguilera will bring more attention to the art form.  Part of the resurgence in recent years has come from queer performance re-energized the genre, The Process’ Nicky Butler speaks with Tamale Sepp, called one of the Top Five Gay Chicagoans you should know.  Jeff Carlin grew up with the video game Mario Brothers, and a new burlesque show by Gorilla Tango Theater gains its inspiration by the siblings. And Alisha Grezlik explores burlesque with Frenchy Kiss of the Chicago Starlets.

Saturday November 20, 2010:

Car-sharing has been a part of Chicago’s Transportation options since 2002 when the Center for Neighborhood Technology began The I-Go initiative. WCRX’s Laura Makris speaks with Richard Kosmacher, Busines Development Manager for I-Go about bringing the idea to Chicago and why it took so long.  Tierra Phillips speaks with Nicholas Hinton about the project “Give Me Dap” and how a popular term used for a handshake gave him inspiration.  Thomas Cameron on documenting the life of this hapless college student in the web series, The Windy City. And we talk about guilty pleasures with Courtney Crowder, Assistant editor of the Book section for the Chicago Tribune as well as Entertainment Reporter.

Saturday November 13, 2010:

The perception of Food Trucks has drastically changed from dirty taco truck to gourmet mobile restaurant. WCRX’s this culinary trend has become popular in cities like Los Angeles, New York and Austin. Chicago has lagged behind, currently only allowing pre-packaged foods to be sold. WCRX’s Jonathan Bucio spoke with Matt Maroni, founder of about the city’s blossoming foodie trend.  Then, the Economic Recession has led to an increase in family pets at local shelters. WCRX’s Megan Buckley speaks with Chicago Canine Rescue President Janice Triptow about find homes for abandoned dogs, as well as dogs slated for Euthanasia because they are too old, too young, injured, have disabilities or overlook for too long other shelters. And Finally, Emma Watson talks with Cara Pickett Director of the Chicago Cultural Alliance about banding together to pool resources and knowledge.

Saturday November 6, 2010:

Recent reports so an increase of the number of people living in poverty, so the demand for services are increasing. WCRX’s Laura Borst spoke with Erin Edwards, director of Programs at Operations at the Northside Anti-Hunger Network. Maha Gorgi speaks with Eric Cloppman of the Parents Share and Care Program. Benicia Blue of the spoken work group Verbatim speaks with WCRX’s Jonathan Bucio about the upcoming performance Poetry Sexual. Jeff Carlin talks with Rod Slemmons, executive director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography about the exhibition La Frontera: the Cultural Impact of Mexican Migration. And Mark Munger visits the National Veterans Art Museum

The Election is upon us. The motivation for youth to vote has dropped from a near record high in the 2008 Presidential election. WCRX’s Nick Montacalvo speaks with the Chicago Rock The Vote Coordinator about getting voters out on November 2nd.

Saturday October 30, 2010:

Then, WCRX’s Nancy Guida looks into the increase in suicides by gay and lesbian youth with psychologist Edmond Yomtoob. Jacob Chandler speaks with Ray Bosques about building self-esteem at the Casa Puertorriquana Youth Martial Arts Program in the Humbolt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Guitarist Fernando Jones has been playing the Blues since his childhood in Mississippi. Jones spoke with WCRX’s Sam Panayotovich about his music and his work with the next generation of musicians.

The week public affair program produced by the Radio Department of Columbia College Chicago, for and about our community.

Saturday October 16, 2010:

On The Process this week.  Jennifer Patience Rowe speaks with Brandon Graham, who is coordinating an upcoming conversation entitled “Black Gay Men in The Church”.  Megan Buckley speaks with Jessica Cochran of the Center of Book and Paper Arts about the exhibition Mano/Mundo/Corazón: Artists Interpret La Lotería. And Jocelyn Peirce speaks with Billy Yost and Zach Verdoorn of the band, The Kickback.

Saturday October 9, 2010:

On this week’s Process, Columbia College student Bill Coon shares his journey from diagnosis to heart and kidney transplant at the age of 20. His book, Swim: A Memoir of Survival. Chicago is known for comedy and John Blair sits down with Mike Lebovitz of Chicago Comedians You Should Know who takes on a challenge to change the face of Chicago Comedy. And Alisha Grezlik explores the world of burlesque with Frenchy Kiss of the Chicago Starlets.

Saturday September 11, 2010:

The Process is a weekly public affairs program produced by the students of the Columbia College Chicago Radio department.  On this week’s show, Allyce Karrasch speaks with Trader Mike Hickey about steps students can take now to get to be better financially stable when they graduate.  Chicago has a rich tradition of comedy and Griffin Hendricks speaks with Randy Smock – Artistic Director of Comedy Sportz.  Plus with school beginning, we head out to the streets to talk and get tips from transit riders and bicyclists about navigating the city.  Then Jeff Carlin takes a much needed break away from the stresses of the city and heads on the Metra down to the Manilow Sculpture Garden on the campus of Governor State University and speaks with the executive director, Geoffrey Bates.


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