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Iceland Airwaves Day One (11/5): Asgeir (REVIEW)

After being awake for almost 48 hours straight, taking a snooze in a warm bed for the night is heaven. What we did in these past 48 hours though is something I’m not soon to forget.

It began with a two-hour flight to New Jersey, where I met up with my family for lunch, and then continued on from there to Iceland with a five-hour flight. When we arrived we got right down to work with a walking tour of Reykjavík to see the different venues we would be calling home this weekend.

The most relaxing part of the day, among all of the chaos of traveling and just becoming acquainted to a new country, was when we hit the oldest pool in Reykjavík, Sundhöllin. Now pools in Iceland are very different from what you may expect.

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ICYMI: Listen To WCRX’s Iceland Airwaves 2013 Preview Show With Icelandic Music And Culture Stories


We’re en route to Iceland! Follow Columbia students’ journey on the ground, which begins October 30, on the Iceland Airwaves 2013 blog.

WCRX 88.1 FM hosted a two-hour special Iceland preview show to highlight stories about the country’s rich culture and history. Host Brendan Taylor sat down with three students from Columbia College Chicago‘s “Covering International Festivals: Iceland” class to talk about the short audio pieces that the class put together in addition to playing songs from artists that will be performing at the 2013 Iceland Airwaves Festival. Here are a few of the bands that were played during the two-hour show: Hymnalaya, Dikta, Boogie Trouble, Asgeir, Lay Low, Nolo, Kajak, Apparat Organ Quartet, Borko, and Halleluwah.

Also included in the two-hour special were six preview pieces showcasing different parts of Icelandic culture, ranging from literature to Norse mythology to films to food. Click on the links below to listen to the show in its entirety.

Hour 1 of Iceland Preview Show:

Hour 2 of Iceland Preview Show:


Iceland Culture: Iceland’s Landscape Inspires Art, Asgeir Profile

We’re heading to Iceland Airwaves! Here’s a cultural preview story produced by Michelle. Follow their journey, which begins October 30, on the Iceland Airwaves 2013 blog.

It’s no secret that Iceland has a beautiful and unique landscape; people travel from all over the world to see the amazing geysers, breathtaking mountains and the scenic ocean that surrounds the island.

This environment has inspired several generations of artists. Iceland’s history is saturated with sagas and folklore of mythical creatures that live to protect the land. As art continues to evolve, inspiration from nature remains.

For example, visual artists Georg Guðni and Eggert Pétursson incorporate multiple aspects of Icelandic scenery in their work. The country’s represented in Petursson’s many floral paintings, and Guðni’s landscape paintings of earth and sky.

Musician Ásgeir says his hometown, is inspiring with its abundance of free space. The lyrics he and his father write mention nature and the environment.

The album Ásgeir is referring to is In The Silence, which will be released Oct 29 by One Little Indian Records. One of the songs is called “Torrent.”

Besides his hometown, Ásgeir has another special spot that stimulates his creativity.

Ásgeir will perform at Harpa Silfurberg during Iceland Airwaves on November 2 at 10:00.