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Working Bikes in Chicago

Summer is just around the corner and Chicago is seeing more bicycles hit the street every day. However, many of us take bicycles for granted. We buy a bicycle, ride it sometimes, but also allow it to collect dust. Sometimes, we even decide we’re just never going to ride it so we throw it out. But throwing out your bicycle isn’t the only option. You can donate it to Working Bikes to give it a new life and purpose.


Working Bikes is a non-profit organization stationed in Chicago, Illinois, but its reach goes much farther than Cook county’s borders. Founded in 1999 by Lee Ravenscroft and Amy Little, the organization continues to grow from its humble beginnings. Since its inception, Working Bikes has been refurbishing bicycles to donate to people in need in Chicago, while also providing bicycles for communities in countries such as El Salvador, Panama, Uganda, and Ghana.


In Chicago and around the world, these bicycles are a mode of transportation to work, school, and in scarier circumstances, medical attention. They can also be used to create electricity and tow cargo from one location to another. But access to bicycles, especially in poorer communities, tends to be very limited. Working Bikes is working to eliminate that problem because bicycles can help a community thrive.

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There are several ways you can get involved with or help Working Bikes.

  1. You can donate your bicycle to Working Bikes.
  2. You can volunteer at their shop to help fix bicycles that will be donated to people in the Chicago.
  3. You can purchase a bike at their shop.

Whichever route you decide to follow, you are helping Working Bikes and people in need.

If you want to visit Working Bikes in person, they are located at 2434 S Western Ave in Chicago. You can also visit Working Bikes online by clicking HERE.


WCRX-FM: Committing to our Community 2011 Broadcast

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WCRX-FM, 88.Chicago presents “Committing to our Community”, a public service initiative designed to promote the importance of service and volunteerism.

On Friday May 13th, WCRX dedicated several hours of programming to celebrate the work of our graduating seniors. The 2-hour broadcast is part of Columbia College Chicago’s day-long urban arts festival, Manifest.

Special programming included student produced live and recorded public service announcements, and features focusing on local organizations and individuals that have strengthened their communities and transformed the lives of many.

Join hosts Nick Montecalvo, Eric Pribramsky and John Gregory as they speak with:

Michael Fineman, Director of Community Outreach Chicago Non-Profit, an organization whose purpose is to identify and celebrate the charitable actions of our community; increasing awareness of great causes, by offering a forum to promote events, communicate volunteer opportunities and provide resources for non-profit organizations in Chicago. 

Emily Laughead, 13-year old who has created a non-profit organization for kids suffering from diabetes.  Emily has hosted garage sales, sidewalk sales, and coordinates diabetes walks to raise money to fight type 1 juvenile diabetes.  Her organization “Emily’s Hope” has raised over $40,000 to fight the deadly disease.

Jahmal Cole, author, speaker, community leader and founder of Role Model Movement, a non-profit organization that inspires and helps teens and young adults.  Cole is also in the process of producing a documentary of the Chatham community to highlight the community and raise funds for a new community center that benefits youth and provides marketing and technical skills. 

Jeremy Winters and Aaron Harding, Simeon Career Academy students and creators of The Simeon Artist Skill Enhancement, an after school arts program where students and their parents must sign a contract promising to get involved, and working hard.   Winters is a student advisor to Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel and his parents contract will be the new standard for Chicago Public School after school activities.