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Will the Dodgers Turn The Tables On The Cubs?


Game 3 was played yesterday between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. It ended in a huge loss at Wrigley 6-1. Here I thought that home cooking was needed for the team to get back on track, but boy was I wrong. They are now on the verge of a sweep. 

I had said on my most recent Corner that the starters needed to go deeper into games and keep the pitch counts at bay (other words pitch location needed to be spot on). That clearly didn’t happen, as Kyle Hendricks barely went 5 innings on 82 pitches, allowing 3 runs. That led to a tired bullpen doing more damage yet again, with CJ Edwards and Mike Montgomery allowing the rest of the runs. 

As far as the hitting was concerned, it remained lifeless aside from the Kyle Schwarber home run in the first. In fact it’s been lifeless the whole series. No one is really being patient at the plate, and the pitches they swing at are just horrendous. What else can I say? It’s a train wreck. 



(Photo Cred: MLB Network)

If the Cubs are going to come back to win the series, aside of the pitching, they need to let the pitching come to them. This offense surely knows what it is capable of it is honestly heartbreaking seeing this, even as a Sox fan. IF the teams follows those two keys, then they might have some life; but my gut feelings tell me they have no chance (shout out to He and She). Sorry Cubs fans, but you will not repeat. 

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By: Tyler Bravo

We’ve all heard that there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but where do we draw the line between friendly, and frightening? Trash talking to me has always, and will always be a part of sports, not a particular game, or any specific skill level, but all sports.  Whether you’re playing a pick up game of basketball in the park, a beer league softball game, or watching the pros on TV, you’re going to hear some trash talking.

One of the most iconic, and recognized photos of “The Louisville Lip” AKA Muhammad Ali clearly shows him trash talking his opponent.

The question for me is not if we should ban trash talking but to teach kids the difference between playful banter and trash talk that becomes a form of bullying.  As part of an anti-bullying initiative in New Jersey, high school athletes can now be ejected from a game for taunting opponents.  Many athletic officials think this initiative could serve as a model for other states.

From the time I can remember, any team I played on, or any gym class that I took provided an example of what was “acceptable” trash talking, and what was considered to be crossing the line.  We would all joke and goof on one another, but if someone said, or did something that crossed the line, the teacher, or coach, would immediately intervene. Granted there were times we were without adult supervision, but sportsmanship became part of the game proving that we learned what was ok to say to somebody and what wasn’t.

And for the “Sanctity of Sport” argument, even Babe Ruth would chirp it up with the opposing team.

For anyone who says trash talking has never existed in sports, check out Babe Ruth jawing with the Cubs before, during and after his infamous “called home run.”

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Musical Chairs on the North Side

kris bryant


By Joseph George

The Chicago Cubs made great strides this year with a record of 73-89.  With  that improvement came the arrival of some big name prospects. Jorge Soler, Javy Baez and Arismendy Alcantara all joined the North Siders in 2014 and the Cubs are still loaded with prospects Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora, Addison Russell and Billy Mckinney. Unfortunately it’s impossible for the north siders to carry all of these prospects on one roster. Eventually, some of these prospects will be traded away.


In my opinion, the players that should pack their bags are outfielder Albert Almora and infielder Arismendy Alcantara.  Speaking of players packing their bags,  Bleachernation recently reported that the Cubs are looking to move shortstop Starlin Castro.  That is a terrible idea! Castro is on pace to be a Hall of Famer. In fact, he already has 847 hits in his first five seasons and to put things into perspective Pete Rose had 899 hits in his first five seasons.  Castro should be moved to third base following in the footsteps of great shortstops turned third basemen like Cal Ripken, Jr. and Alex Rodriguez.  His moving to third would leave

the shortstop position open for top prospect Addison Russell. Current third baseman Kris Bryant would then become the starting left fielder. Bryant hit 43 home runs in the minors this year and provides pure power from the corner outfield spot. This brings us back to Almora and Alcantara. Both have tremendous potential but somebody has to go. Every MLB team could use a guy like Arismendy Alcantara as a starter or super utility man because he can play both the infield and the outfield. Albert Almora is one of those guys that will get traded with regret at a later date when he starts to perform for another team. Unfortunately, the Cubs don’t have room for him even though he has much more ability than Billy McKinney. Eventually Almora will probably be packaged for a top pitcher. He did have a terrible 2014 hitting a bleak .234 but he is still one of baseball’s top prospects. With a  trade package of Almora and Alcantara, the Cubs would be in perfect contention to trade for a top 5 pitcher and continue on the road to consistency on the north side.

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