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The SpongeBob Musical: It’s Not Guys in Big Foam Costumes

By Jazmine Chartrand



The SpongeBob Musical…I know what you’re thinking.  It’s going to be a lame musical for kids where the people on stage are wearing silly, bulky costumes made out of foam.



It’s something totally new. You’re immersed in a Bikini Bottom made of found objects that might sink to the bottom of the ocean- blue pool noodles, beach balls, pipes & tubes, tires, food cans, kiddie pools, hula-hoops, and garlands of flip flops. The characters themselves are just people dressed in normal clothes with special tweaks to make their characters come to life. There’s so many things about this musical that make it different.

They bring everything you expect.

That one fish that always shouts, “My leg!” in the show? He’s there. That French narrator dude? He’s there too. Sandy makes random similes about life. They do karate (or care-rah-tay). There’s jokes for adults and kids alike. The creators of the musical tried to jam-pack this thing with the details that make the TV show worthwhile. SPOILER ALERT: A certain number one fan of SpongeBob‘s is there to see the musical as well.

The music is unique.

The whole score is basically one big collaborative love letter to SpongeBob by renowned musical artists like Aerosmith, Panic! At The Disco, Cyndi Lauper, and John Legend to name a few. There’s even a song by David Bowie. The musical includes a bunch of different styles and genres of music just like the TV show.  And to set the mood while your finding your seat, the musical includes quirky little tunes on bongo drums and kazoos.

It’s fun!

Yes! Really! It’s fun to watch, cheer, and kinda participate in the show. It’s like you’re inside Bikini Bottom with them instead of watching it on a screen. You can’t help but smile when Patrick and SpongeBob sing a song about being BFFs or when men in pink flapper costumes dance across the stage. The show pushes the theme to find the best in all situations, even the bad ones, and to stick with your friends when they need you the most. The show’s co-creator and director, Tina Landau, says, “SpongeBob is a presence and a spirit that is here to say ‘Lets have the best day ever'” and the show truly gives you that.

spongebob 2I recommend this musical to both children and adults alike.

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U2 at Soldier Field…..Unbelievable!!!

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day


Bono asked the crowd on a few occasions on Tuesday “Summertime in Soldier Field,where else would you want to be?” On Tuesday for the 65,000 people in attendance they had only one answer.

After much anticipation and excitement u2 finally made it to Chicago on Tuesday, after canceling last years show due to a Bono back injury and subsequent surgery.  Coming on stage to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” the concert was setting up to be out of this world… including the “Claw”. The massive stage structure sported a video screen that expanded at least 70 feet, and rotating stage that gave the whole audience prime view of the band. Easily the largest stage ever built for a tour.
As the show began the enamored crowd immediately began to sing along with what many say is the world’s most philanthropic band, starting with the opening “Even Better than the Real Thing” and continuing on for the rest of the show, U2 fans are truly dedicated.  Being that I am only a casual U2 fan I can say that I was thoroughly impressed. The band played many of their hits including a moving video from the International Space Station,introducing “Beautiful Day” where Capt. Mark Kelly expressed his love and devotion to his wife Gabrielle Giffords, the US Representative from Tucson, who was shot during a rally in Arizona.

2 Encores later the show ended with a tribute to Greg Carroll, an assistant and friend who died in a 1986 motorcycle accident. The band got together to play “One Tree Hill” from 1987’s Joshua Tree. “If we screw up really badly, don’t put it on the Internet” Bono proclaimed while the Edge found his groove.Needless to say no proclamation was necessary….