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Iceland Airwaves Day Three (11/7): DIMMA, Þhorir Georg, Kajak, Berndsen (Review)

Þhorir Georg


Genre-fusing Þhorir Georg kicked off the Friday night performances at Ið in a three-piece rock group, starting off with a low and somewhat soothing sound of fuzzy guitar and vocals. This was complemented by their calm and collected stage presence, but the excitement was still hinted at through subtle smiles during songs. By the second song, the charge kicked into the music, dominated mostly by the heavy percussion.

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Iceland Airwaves Day Two: Exploring, Interviews, DJ Andre, Dimma, Yo La Tengo (10/31)

Waking up this morning after a very long two days of barely any sleep was refreshing.  I missed free breakfast downstairs, but made the best of a bad situation and headed out to explore.  Walking out of Fosshotel Baron and seeing beautiful Mount Esja put my mind at peace every time.

In my travels, I stopped at this little shop and picked up some Skyr to have on the go.  Skyr is a delicious way to start off any day.  I then wandered around for a little while longer to see the sights.  I feel much more comfortable waking around during the day, then at night.  It really gives me the opportunity to see everything and try to get my bearings.  The most ironic thing I heard today was a car driving passed me blasting Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA, it made me think of a few people back home.  I thought to myself, though, “Well that’s an interesting song selection to hear in Iceland during Iceland Airwaves.”  Continuing on my travels, I met my first interview of the day at Mokka Kaffi.  I talked with fellow bandmates of Hymnalaya. Lead singer Einar Kristinn Þorsteinsson, electric guitarist Gísli Hrafn Magnússon, and backup vocalist and acoustic guitar player Unnar Gísli Þorsteinsson.  The interview went off without a hitch.  They were funny, friendly and definitely easy to have a conversation with.  I am very much looking forward to seeing them tomorrow at GAMLA BÍÓ.

I met with two of my other interviews today.  María Reynisdóttir of Farm Holidays and Ólafur Dýrmundsson of the Farmers Association of Iceland.  Both made me very excited to start working on my farming story for our upcoming WCRX documentary.  A little inside on that piece, I’m comparing the Icelandic Farming Industry to that of the United States.  Icelanders are very proud of their agriculture and they are all about keeping Iceland local.  After all my interviews were finished for the day, it was time for the night time festivities to begin!  Sleep and a full stomach (and maybe the few Icelandic brews that were had throughout the night) made tonight a better one than last.  I was quite happy that I was finally starting to know where venues and places were located.  I was able to relax a little more and enjoy all the music that was offered for the night.

DJ AnDre started off the night right.  He played at Harlem.  Bass thumping, loud club music goodness.  Smooth transitions and catchy music.  His mixes would be a great soundtrack at your next party.  Check out his SoundCloud below.

Up next was Reykjavík hard rockers, Dimma, who played at HARPA – NORÐURLJÓS.  Entertaining and well played guitar solos from lead guitarist, Ingo Geirdal.  Great vocals and not an overbearing amount of screaming from frontman Stefán Jakobsson.

photo 2-1

The last act of the night was New Jerseyan’s, Yo La Tengo who also played at HARPA – SILFURBERG.  They’re American indie alternative at its finest, with worldly appeal as proven by the crowd’s reaction tonight.  Keeping the crowd enthused, lead singer Ira Kaplan had this to say, “Oh hey look, there’s a Halloween costume!  You do love Halloween here!  Well, some of us.  The rest of you don’t know what you’re missing!  It only took us 29 years as a band to get to Iceland, sing this next one with us.”  Listen below to hear lead single Ohm, off their newest CD, Fade.

The adventure continues.  More blogging to come.  Stay tuned and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @danomalone