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Will the Dodgers Turn The Tables On The Cubs?


Game 3 was played yesterday between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs. It ended in a huge loss at Wrigley 6-1. Here I thought that home cooking was needed for the team to get back on track, but boy was I wrong. They are now on the verge of a sweep. 

I had said on my most recent Corner that the starters needed to go deeper into games and keep the pitch counts at bay (other words pitch location needed to be spot on). That clearly didn’t happen, as Kyle Hendricks barely went 5 innings on 82 pitches, allowing 3 runs. That led to a tired bullpen doing more damage yet again, with CJ Edwards and Mike Montgomery allowing the rest of the runs. 

As far as the hitting was concerned, it remained lifeless aside from the Kyle Schwarber home run in the first. In fact it’s been lifeless the whole series. No one is really being patient at the plate, and the pitches they swing at are just horrendous. What else can I say? It’s a train wreck. 



(Photo Cred: MLB Network)

If the Cubs are going to come back to win the series, aside of the pitching, they need to let the pitching come to them. This offense surely knows what it is capable of it is honestly heartbreaking seeing this, even as a Sox fan. IF the teams follows those two keys, then they might have some life; but my gut feelings tell me they have no chance (shout out to He and She). Sorry Cubs fans, but you will not repeat. 

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