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Black Panther’s Release Date Record Breaking in Theaters Worldwide

Ever since the release date of Marvel’s Black Panther, people worldwide have been giving the movie nothing but amazing reviews. From the cast themselves, to the soundtrack made by Kendrick Lamar, Marvel fans say this is the best MCU movie to date, while others who may not be Marvel, or comic book fans, are even going to see this movie for cultural purposes, and have said themselves that watching this movie has been an amazing experience. Personally I thought this was an amazing movie from the beginning.  I’m already a comic book and MCU fan.   I also came to see this movie from a cultural aspect. Since I always wanted to go to Africa, and see were I can connect with my ancestors, and how they all use to live their day to day lives in such a beautiful place. Black Panther is out in movie theaters right now!



5 Things to do in Chicago for Halloween

  1. Get A Scare At Fright Flicks At Navy Pier
    Its time to be a kid again! Navy Pier’s Fright Flicks events taking place October 21st and October 28th are going to may your night scary for your Halloween traditions this year. With movies after movies each day, Friends and family halloweekend of fun by munch on some popcorn, and get ready to scream. Movies include: Monsters, Inc., Ghostbusters (2016), Monster House, and Beetlejuice.
  2. Chicago Marathon
    Cheer on or Run for the thousands of runners who will participate in the 26.2 mile run through several city neighborhoods on Sunday. Runners from all 50 states and many countries will compete in the Midwest’s largest running event of the year.
  3. Do the Monster Mash
    October is the perfect month to go and see your favorite bands and do the monster mash. There are many great concerts going on this fall in Chicago. In example, Skrillex is a very popular and well-known electronic dance music producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter. Skrillex is coming to Chicago on Saturday, October 18th. He will be playing at the Navy Pier alongside A$AP Ferg.
  4. Take a Bike Tour Bobby’s Bike Tour
    RIDING IN FEAR! It is a great way to stay active while staying in the Halloween spirit and having a scary experience. The tour starts by riding through an old cemetery, then the tour will pass the Chicago River site where a bizarre occurrence took place when 844 people drowned in mid-daylight. Chicago’s infamous ghost, Resurrection Mary, will be discussed as well as many other haunted local places including the Levee District, the Columbian Exposition, and the exploits of one H. H. Holmes.
  5. Alder After Dark
    Exclusively for adults 21+, this evening offers you open access, unlimited shows, and unique entertainment every third Thursday of the month from 6:00–10:00 pm (Summer hours, May-August: 6:30–10:30 pm.)   Get SPOOK’D




My thoughts on Insidious: Chapter 3


By Krista-Nia Williams

Today, I decided to sit down and watch the third installation of Insidious. Since I loved the first Insidious film, and didn’t mind the sequel, I figured it would be great to see which direction the third movie might go.

First things.  this is the third film, and it is titled as “Chapter 3” but it is a prequel to the first film, so the timeline is a little non sequitur.

While watching this film I found myself constantly comparing it to the first Insidious film, and I must say that there is no comparison.  Insidious was so good that I made all my friends watch it and they agreed, it was the first horror film in years that was interesting and it wasn’t just a teeny-bopper thriller that relied on jump scares. When it comes to the sequel, though, I, honestly, could not tell you one thing I remember about the film other than the fact that it wasn’t terrible.  But this is a review of Insidious: Chapter 3 not the first two movies so I’ll get to it.

The story is about a teenage girl whose home life with her father and brother is hectic due to the fact that her mother has recently passed away. All that we really know is that she has attempted to contact her mother on her own and a psychic woman warns her against ever doing it again. We don’t really get a feel for the main character before she is in an extremely horrible accident, which only adds to the already long list of things that have gone wrong for this girl.

Well, as anyone could have guessed, it only gets worse because it’s a horror movie and when things go wrong, they go HORRIBLY wrong. A very powerful force has attached itself to the teen and her family desperately tries to figure out what is going on until paranormal investigators and the psychic woman come and save the day. The film ends with the family being safe and they finally make contact with mom and everything is okay.

After the family is debriefed, the psychic woman and the paranormal investigators realize they make a pretty good team.

I should add that I was a bit confused about the appearance of the psychic and the paranormal investigators because we were introduced to them back in the first Insidious.   While this was not a horrible movie it could have served as a flashback in the first or second installment. Going back to what I said about jump scares, there were a few in this movie but they were corny and predictable, and no way were they scary.

You can stream Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 instantly by clicking on these hyper links.

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