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Iceland Reflection: A Beautiful, Alien Landscape

Long nights with late night deadlines plus a relentless itinerary, all things that cumulate to make for a beneficial learning experience, translated through understanding working in the media field. This perspective could lend itself to putting in the best work possible on the most challenging schedule possible, an unknown element of a class focused on portfolio expansion. Translating the stress of no sleep and meeting blog deadlines, the covering international festivals course definitely showcased real world journalistic scenarios of working under pressure in a foreign land.

The Divide National Park was one of the first settled areas in Iceland.
The Divide National Park was one of the first settled areas in Iceland.

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Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/09): Var, ghostigital, Rökkuró (Review)

The lack of sleep started really started to take a toll on the class today, but it seemed to be cured with our surprise excursion to the Blue Lagoon. We spent the morning relaxing in the naturally heated goethermal pool, letting our face be exfoliated by mud masks, got massages in a giant waterfall, relaxing in the saunas, and enjoying the pure beauty of the place.

The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon

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Iceland Airwaves Day Five (11/9): VAR, Ghostigital

A hot shower or gigantic pot of coffee usually solves the head-pounding issue of a sleepless night back home, but on Sunday morning we came to discover that Iceland has its own alternatives. The Blue Lagoon or, a gargantuan maze of smokey grey-blue water enveloped us in warmth and salt while we floated around outside under the foggy sky.

After the geothermal replenishing, we all climbed on the bus back to the city and promptly fell asleep. While all eleven of us are more or less over the jet-lag, Reykjavík mimics New York City during Airwaves, and seems to never sleep. Or maybe that’s just us.

For the final night of the festival, we grouped together and hung out at Húrra, Frederiksen, and Gaukurinn to see the last performances, from bands like VAR and Ghositigital. These groups and venues have become so similar to us, it’s going to be such a culture shock to wake up in Chicago in another two days, and return to the American buzz on State Street instead of Laugavegur. Just when I finally figured out how to navigate Reykjavík without using Google Maps, too!