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Iceland 2014 Documentary [LISTEN]

The Radio Department’s Covering International Festivals: Iceland class wrapped up, and that means our documentary about Icelandic culture is now available for YOUR listening pleasure. Check it out right here, right now for stories about Icelandic sports, how climate change is affecting Iceland, the LGBT community, gender equality, and the whaling controversy. Want more behind-the-scenes action? Check out our main blog for links to all our work, including a trailer, photos, blooper reel, links to our interviews and show reviews, and more. Thanks to Iceland Airwaves and Columbia College Chicago’s Radio Department for a spectacular trip!


Icelandic Culture: The Icelandic Genome’s Impact on Medicine, Privacy Issues (Listen)

We’ve had a great time covering Iceland Airwaves and discovering and reporting on Icelandic culture. Here’s an Icelandic cultural interview culled from our time there. Be sure to stay tuned for our final radio documentary, which will air on WCRX-FM 88.1. Visit our Iceland Airwaves blog to read/hear more from our time in Iceland. 

Mutations in your DNA can impact your health in all sorts of ways. Among other things, they can increase your likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The researchers who develop treatments for these diseases locate these mutations and figure out which diseases they’re connected to, and many of them consider the Icelandic DNA to be a goldmine for this type of research.

Arnar Palsson teaches human genetics at the University of Iceland. He says there’s a very specific reason why Icelandic DNA is more suitable for this type of genetic research…


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