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Iceland Airwaves Day Six (11/10)

Spending a week in Iceland has taught me a lot about the country and culture. I’ve learned that it’s acceptable to be indecisive about meal choices and no one will question you for standing in a hot dog line at 2 a.m. with a slice a pizza from around the corner. I’ve learned that if you stand close enough to the coast and weigh less than 200 pounds, you will be blown over. I’ve learned that eating a puffin is disgusting but whales are a delicacy. I’ve learned that just because a band doesn’t have commercial success or millions of roaring fans doesn’t mean their music doesn’t have the most genuinely crafted sound.

But I think the most important thing I learned is that forcing ten college students to collaborate on a radio documentary while sleep deprived and in a constant state of hungry is, oddly enough, the best experience one could ever ask for.

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Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): Klassart, Boogie Trouble, Halleluwah, Future Islands (Review)


Klassart played a very enjoyable set at Frederiksen Friday night. While the band’s lead singer Frida Dis Gudmundsdotti was really the star attraction, it was the ’80s-style synths that drove the set. Singing over upbeat songs one could hum all day, Gudmundsdotti was lovely and the band brought a bright, positive vibe to Frederiksen.

Boogie Trouble

Disco’s back, baby. Boogie Trouble not only played the part on Saturday at Iðnó, it looked the part too. Wearing glitter on their faces, the whole band dressed like they had disco fever too.

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Iceland Airwaves Day Two (11/6): Kaleo, CeaseTone, Phox (REVIEW)

After finally getting some sleep, our class broke apart early from our hotel to start gathering the quotes and facts that are going to make up our last two culture stories. I spent it swimming in a pool, soaking in hot pots and sweating in the sauna at Sundhöllin with Megan in the morning, and exploring the culture of coffee here in Reykjavík while talking to some of the people who work with it daily – stay tuned to hear that story – and caught some bands in the evening.

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