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Iceland Airwaves Day Three: Interviews, Hymnalaya, M-Band, Sísý Ey (11/1)

Last night venturing out with my classmates to find some late night pizza was fun.  We all have been very busy ever since we arrived in Iceland, so it was nice just to catch up and relax.

This morning I made it downstairs for the hotel’s free breakfast, just in time, too.  They were serving fish for breakfast, which I found very interesting.  I’m not a huge fan of fish.  I actually did a piece on that before we left.  You can check that out here.

Once we had full stomachs my classmate Jesse Betend and I headed to the University of Iceland.  We took a taxi to get there, which was an interesting experience in an of itself.  The taxi drivers here a lot more careful than the ones back home.  There is no rushing or speeding to get to the destination.  Jesse had an interview at the University and I was trying to find a few people to talk to for another story of mine.  I would like to compare student debt here in Iceland to that of the students back home.   I was lucky enough to talk to Student Council Vice President, Vigfús and Rebekka Sigurdardottir of the Icelandic Student Services.  Vigfús tried to get in touch with a few more people for me, but no luck.  I greatly appreciated all their help.  I would have liked to talk to a few others, but I think I may be able to put a nice little piece together.  The University of Iceland has a beautiful campus, we had to stop and capture the views before we continued on.

photo 2-2photo 1-2

After that Jesse and I headed to find food.  We tried to meet for group lunch but our interviews went over time: sorry guys.  So we stopped at this little sandwich shop that Jesse knew of.  From the looks of the outside and the color theme, it reminded me of a Subway.  Nonnabiti makes tasty little sandwiches and all sorts of other food.  It was a great place to stop for something quick to eat.

photo 3

Back at the hotel more work was done before going out to enjoy tonight’s festivities.

Starting off the night was a chilling performance from Reykjavík’s own, Hymnalaya.  They played at GAMLA BÍÓ, one of Reykjavík’s oldest theaters, which further added to the beauty of this performance.  The fact that this 14-member band only rehearsed once together as a whole and performed flawlessly says a lot.  From lead singer Einar’s enchanting voice to the synchronization of each and every musician on that stage, this was a show not to be missed.  Listen below to hear a preview of the interview that happened at Mokka Kaffi yesterday.  See what Lead singer Einar and electric guitarist Gísli had to say about the organization that goes into a band with 14 members.


The following act was, M-Band.  M-Band played at Harlem, a venue that continues to feature crowd-pleasing electronic acts with melodic, worldly club music that draws you in with every bass thump.  Check out his SoundCloud below.

The feel-good ending of the night was Sísý Ey, who played at Reykjavík Art Museum.  Pronounced See See Ay, these three sisters were nothing to mess with.  It was danceable house music at its best, with powerhouse (pun intended) female vocals.  The house and electronic music scene in Iceland continues to prove it’s a force to be wreckin’ with.  Listen below to hear their song, Ain’t Got Nobody.

Another beautiful night in Iceland.  More blogging to come.  Stay tuned and make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @danomalone

ICYMI: Listen To WCRX’s Iceland Airwaves 2013 Preview Show With Icelandic Music And Culture Stories


We’re en route to Iceland! Follow Columbia students’ journey on the ground, which begins October 30, on the Iceland Airwaves 2013 blog.

WCRX 88.1 FM hosted a two-hour special Iceland preview show to highlight stories about the country’s rich culture and history. Host Brendan Taylor sat down with three students from Columbia College Chicago‘s “Covering International Festivals: Iceland” class to talk about the short audio pieces that the class put together in addition to playing songs from artists that will be performing at the 2013 Iceland Airwaves Festival. Here are a few of the bands that were played during the two-hour show: Hymnalaya, Dikta, Boogie Trouble, Asgeir, Lay Low, Nolo, Kajak, Apparat Organ Quartet, Borko, and Halleluwah.

Also included in the two-hour special were six preview pieces showcasing different parts of Icelandic culture, ranging from literature to Norse mythology to films to food. Click on the links below to listen to the show in its entirety.

Hour 1 of Iceland Preview Show:

Hour 2 of Iceland Preview Show:


Chicago Pizza Tours

Columbia College Radio student Jessica Garcia recently spoke with Jonathon Porter, owner and founder of the Chicago Pizza Tours organization. Chicago Pizza Tours is designed to offer tourists and locals a deeper look into one of Chicago’s most famous eats. The tour takes you through many different Chicago neighborhoods and Pizzerias, and offers more than just the traditional deep dish Chicago is known for. The tour offers guests a look into kitchens at the restaurants and even a lesson on the physics of pizza. You won’t want to miss this one!

Also, check out their YouTube channel!