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Icelandic Culture: Online freedom of expression and net neutrality in Iceland and U.S. (listen)

We’ve had a great time covering Iceland Airwaves and discovering and reporting on Icelandic culture. Here’s an Icelandic cultural interview culled from our time there. Be sure to stay tuned for our final radio documentary, which will air on WCRX-FM 88.1. Visit our Iceland Airwaves blog to read/hear more from our time in Iceland.

Following the discovery of mass government surveillance, the conversation surrounding Internet freedoms and amnesty from regulation changed. It was a tangible aspect of understanding the neutrality debate centers around legislation. In Iceland, laws were implemented to protect the spread of information and whistleblowers online. In the U.S., Internet providers are seeking to expand their profits by controlling browsing speeds. Listen to interviews with the executive director of the Icelandic Modern Media InstituteGudjon Idir and anthropologist studying information politics related to Icelandic data centers, Alix Johnson.


Netflix is Taking Over the World


netflix-logoBy Jessica Samson

For the past couple months, my life has been consumed with great television, all thanks to Netflix.   I know I’m not the only one spoiled by on-demand streaming. Netflix has changed the way we watch television. It has created binge-watching.  a marathon of endless programming.  With instant streaming, you can catch the plot in the middle of a show or start new shows, anytime you want.

Personally, Netflix has changed my life. Not just in viewing habits or lack of social interactions, but it has started a new habit in my daily life. I find myself becoming more of a homebody, spending more time watching and discussing their high quality programming.

Just recently, I was with my family and without hesitation our conversation gravitated to the topic of television. Instantly, Netflix’s programming became the most important piece of our conversation. Comments like…”did you catch this show?”…to… “what do you think about “House of Cards” or “Orange is the New Black?” made up the conversation.

Netflix is changing our world. It’s instant gratification, no longer do we have to wait for the next installment of our favorite shows. It’s easy to come home from a long day and plop right down and turn on Mad Men.

Netflix’s programming provides a sense of fantasy that one can escape to whenever you want. It’s easy access to entertainment. Netflix updates new content about every month, in with the new and out with the old.  http://whats-on-netflix.com/ allows viewers to see the new additions to Netflix. It’s all just another way to add to the binge watching experience.

By the way here the ultimate dream job at Netflix:   http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/breaking/chi-netflix-hiring-serial-watcher-20140709,0,394390.story

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Live and on the Aereo!


Can I just say how much of a bad idea it was for CBS and some other major broadcasting companies by not getting into Aereo? They are missing out on an ingenious idea.

Before I get into this little rant of mine, let me explain some stuff for anyone who knows nothing of this. Aereo is an online television feed that can broadcast full television channels in HD quality from their computers. Aereo will be broadcasting several major broadcasting channels, including CBS, ABC, and FOX. Those are already pretty much the main channels that everyone in the nation watches. Aereo will broadcast everything on those channels, online. Including commercials. However, these broadcasting companies refuse to let Aereo do this and threatened their station. How did Aereo respond? By suing the crud out of CBS!

Aereo is almost ready for fulltime airing in 21 major cities in the US, including New York, Boston and of course, Chicago! This means I can catch How I Met Your Mother without having to worry about being away from home or having to try to pirate the show or watch it in a super poor quality from Hulu. And I don’t have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a cable plan! I can just whip out my computer click a button. Plus it records your shows! Brilliant. Just take my money already, Aereo. They’re only charging 8-12$ a month depending on the plan you order. Why these companies don’t want in makes no sense to me.


“Watching the TV from the Internet on my TV. Technology!”

This is a major opportunity for these companies to make some serious money. One thing I say is the most brilliant move modern radio stations have done is an online stream. You never have to worry about owning a radio; you can just go online and stream it! It’s great! Of course Radio is free, which makes it already better than television in my own opinion, so it’s already a very friendly form of broadcasting.

Television needs to step up their online game because they either tease you with tiny little segments of their shows online or rely on you being glued to your television all day and have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a cable box. Television is dying now thanks to the Internet and streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix. That’s why Aereo will make so much money. I already stream almost everything online now. I have a Netflix account and watch pretty much all my favorite shows from there, commercial free. Aereo will be broadcasting the channel’s commercials, which means all that all that sponsorship money will go to Aereo as well. This is a cash cow and CBS is insane for not wanting in!

If I was a major head at CBS or FOX, when I heard about this, I would immediately want to make a deal. Then I’d be rolling in the money… well if I was already a major head of one of those companies, I’d already be rolling in the money but in a bigger pile of it!


“Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all”

I want to know your opinions on this. Should television stations look into making online streams or do you think Aereo is a bad idea? Comment on this blog and let us know! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter from facebook.com/wcrxfm and @WCRXFM. Also, follow me, Greg “Philly-G” Broderick on twitter @Philly_Gsteak!


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Aereo Main Website: https://aereo.com/home