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Three EDM Powerhouses, One Song

Martin Garrix and David Guetta are two of the hottest DJ’s and producers in the music industry at the moment. They both consistently release music that can be enjoyed by wide audiences outside of the fans of House music.

Last year, the two released their collaborative ballad titled “So Far Away.”  Which is not the music one would expect from the two producers, but it was still received well, despite it having a very Martin Garrix-type feeling and sounding vaguely similar to a few of his other slower songs.


But that was 2017. It’s now 2018 and Martin Garrix and David Guetta have teamed up Dutch producer Brooks to release new music! On February 22nd, 2018, they released a blood-pumping track called “Like I Do.”

The track is what you’d expect of a House track but that doesn’t detract from the catchy hooks and easy-to-listen-to quality. Coming from three producers, of course it’s produced well. The natural ebb and flow of the track keeps the listener engaged and excited to hear the rest of the track, while also keeping the body moving.

This is a track that will work well is bars, clubs, festivals, and while working out. It’d be a great piece to listen to in the morning as well since the music inspires you to move and get the blood pumping.

If anyone was wondering what you get when you put three EDM legends together in a studio, this is what you get!

Behind the Mainstream – Beauty and the Beast

When you think about metal, what bands do you think of? If I had to make an educated guess, I think you’d probably say things like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest – maybe Slayer and Cannibal Corpse – right?

When it comes to mainstream popularity, the female side of metal tends to get overshadowed. But, from its earliest days, when hard rock was just starting to show the signs of what would soon become known as metal with the likes of Heart and Joan Jett in the 70s and Warlock with Doro Pesch in the 80s, female vocalists have been prominent faces in the genre and critical to its success.

Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the outside – and that tends to taint the general perception of the genre as a whole, leading to a view of it being brutal and inaccessible with its brutal riffs and harsh vocal styles. But just beneath the surface lies a much wider variety that provides much easier access to the genre from the outside, and the music needed to transition to being able to endure, and eventually enjoy even the most extreme blast beats and harshest death grunts and howls.

From personal experience, I’ll use my mother as an example. Having grown up in the 70s and 80s, when the genre hit its peak of mainstream popularity, she had a bit of experience with glam metal but, in general, the most she’d really listen to was Trans-Siberian Orchestra when they were on the radio around Christmas. From that interest alone, I was able to introduce her to the world of symphonic metal by way of Nightwish, with the beautiful clean vocals of Tarja Turunen and Anette Olzon (this was in the era before Floor Jansen).

From there comes what is known as beauty and the beast vocals. A common element in female fronted metal where their voice is paired with a harsher male voice. While most of Nightwish’s songs are just a single female voice, there are a fair few that also have male vocals by Tapio Wilska or Marco Hietala, with Wilska’s being on the much darker end that moved me toward showing her other bands using such vocal pairings, expanding her horizons into the wide world of symphonic and gothic metal.

The real change, though, came when I introduced her to the voice of Alissa White-Gluz – the beauty AND the beast. With songs like Karmaflow’s The Muse and The Conductor, Kamelot’s Liar Liar, and Tarja’s Demons in You showcasing her range and variety, she was finally able to truly start appreciating the depth of harsher vocal styles, even those of Dani Filth in The Creator and the Destroyer. Of course, it’s a long way until she’s to something like Cradle of Filth’s Cthulhu Dawn; but she’s well on her way by being able to appreciate things like Arch Enemy’s War Eternal. Maybe the next step is some of Alissa’s work from her days with The Agonist?

I’ll leave you with something completely different in hopes of expanding your musical horizons a bit more. Here’s Alissa in a dark cabaret duet with Aurelio Voltaire:


Header image by Tim Troncko.

Acid Rap Review


When the last rapper to represent the city of broad shoulders was Chief Keef, it’s so nice to have someone who isn’t a joke to the hip-hop world, and 20 year old Chance the Rapper is far from a joke. Trippy as Cudi but smart as Wale, Chance’s new mixtape Acid Rap is groundbreaking. Stretching his voice to cartoonish heights, with beats that are just as versatile.

His subject matter jumps from everything from Jesus’ Twitter account, his favorite childhood foods (grilled cheese sandwiches) and his drugs of choice (here’s a hint, it’s not Molly.) But for as goofy as he can be, Chance is still aware of the problems that infiltrate, suffocate and corrupt his South Side home.

They murkin’ kids/They murder kids here/ Why you think they don’t talk about it?/ They deserted us here/ Where the f— is Matt Lauer at/ Somebody get Katie Couric in here/ Probably scared of all the refugees/ Look like we had a f–kin’ hurricane here/ And we shootin’ whether it’s dark or not/ I mean the days, it’s pretty dark a lot/ Down here, it’s easier to find a gun than it is to find a f—in’ parking spot/ No love for the opposition/ Specifically a cop position/ Because they’ve never been in our position/ Getting violations for the nation correlating you dry-snitchin’”

 Pusha Man

Every listen of the tape reveals something new to be excited about. Not just his talent, but his potential. Maybe rap isn’t doomed to be dominated by people that are all about the party and nothing else. Chance proves that you can mix social awareness in with your drinks and your smokes and not be thought of as an un-hip preacher.

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