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Random Acts of Flowers!

Have you ever attended an event, like a wedding or funeral, and wondered what happens to all those flowers after everyone goes home?  What about flowers in grocery stores and flower shops, that are not longer fresh enough to sell?  In what may be the ultimate in recycling, “Random Acts of Flowers” takes those flowers and repurposes them into something beautiful and inspiring!

Think about the joy you experience when you give or receive flowers.  That’s the joy that volunteers with “Random Acts of Flowers” get to experience regularly.  

The non-profit began in 2007, in Tennessee, by Larsen Jay.  After a near fatal accident Jay credited the daily visitors and dozens of floral arrangements he received as being a crucial element to his recovery.  Once able to leave his room, Jay noticed many other patients sitting alone, in rooms devoid of flowers.  He began going around the hospital gifting some of his floral arrangements to other patients and was struck by the effect it had on them  That’s when the seed for “Random Acts of Flowers” was sewn.


Today this wonderful non-profit has expanded and now has five branches around the country, including Evanston, Illinois.  Teams of volunteers do everything from refreshing the flowers that have been donated, then creating them into beautiful bouquets and arrangements and finally bringing them to patients.  Nurses and caregivers in healthcare facilities and nursing homes identify patients who seem in need of an extra emotional boost.

And science bears them out.  Research shows that patients who receive flowers recover more quickly and require less post-operative pain medication.


As we head into the holiday season WCRX FM is once again “Committing To Our Community”.  If you’d like more information you can check out http://randomactsofflowers.org


U2 at Soldier Field…..Unbelievable!!!

It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day


Bono asked the crowd on a few occasions on Tuesday “Summertime in Soldier Field,where else would you want to be?” On Tuesday for the 65,000 people in attendance they had only one answer.

After much anticipation and excitement u2 finally made it to Chicago on Tuesday, after canceling last years show due to a Bono back injury and subsequent surgery.  Coming on stage to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” the concert was setting up to be out of this world… including the “Claw”. The massive stage structure sported a video screen that expanded at least 70 feet, and rotating stage that gave the whole audience prime view of the band. Easily the largest stage ever built for a tour.
As the show began the enamored crowd immediately began to sing along with what many say is the world’s most philanthropic band, starting with the opening “Even Better than the Real Thing” and continuing on for the rest of the show, U2 fans are truly dedicated.  Being that I am only a casual U2 fan I can say that I was thoroughly impressed. The band played many of their hits including a moving video from the International Space Station,introducing “Beautiful Day” where Capt. Mark Kelly expressed his love and devotion to his wife Gabrielle Giffords, the US Representative from Tucson, who was shot during a rally in Arizona.

2 Encores later the show ended with a tribute to Greg Carroll, an assistant and friend who died in a 1986 motorcycle accident. The band got together to play “One Tree Hill” from 1987’s Joshua Tree. “If we screw up really badly, don’t put it on the Internet” Bono proclaimed while the Edge found his groove.Needless to say no proclamation was necessary….