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Big Sean Don in Chicago

 By Jade Krystal

Detroit native and my all time favorite rapper Big Sean decided to bless Chicago on March 31st of this year. It is the day my love and respect for him as an artist grew. His latest album titled “I Decided” was released February 3rd and his performance provided a different side of Sean that people really haven’t heard before.

There are signs of financial, personal and spiritual growth present through out the album and Sean does not disappoint when it comes to the visuals for the album. He also does not disappoint in a live show.  The line was long as eager fans awaited the show and then once we got inside the wait was longer. With MadeInTyo as his opening act, and performing his list of hot singles and getting the crowd amped up for the main attraction was not a problem. My favorite song Big Sean performed was of course “SkateBoard P” and you can enjoy this awesome video as much as I have.

Sean’s album demonstrates much maturity and progression.   I have been to a Big Sean concert when he was just starting and his live performance has improved a lot.  I find his performance simply amazing. The set was basically his album cover brought to life and through out the show we’re aware of his conscience which is what we hear on the album during transitions.  We actually got to see him on a big screen and I enjoyed the lighting during his show because of the purples and blues, which happen to be my favorite colors.

So I had my favorite rapper, favorite colors and favorite drink all in one night! Check out footage and the fly hat I got as a great memory of this concert.




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Drake’s Music Through The Years


By Abby Nelson

There is no doubt that Drake is one of the top artist’s in the rap industry. Drake tops chart after chart, selling millions of units each time new music is released.

Drake got his start in the entertainment business as Jimmy Brooks on Canada’s ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’. By the time he was laid off of the show, Drake had already been investing his time into writing lyrics and producing songs with good friend, Noah ’40’.  He befriended a man by the name of Jas Prince who had heard his music. Prince was a personal friend of the infamous, Lil Wayne and sent some of Drake’s music to Wayne.   A few days later Drake got a call from Wayne, flew to New York City to meet with him and the rest is history.

He is one artist that has stuck true to himself throughout the years and has not changed to fit in with the typical rap genre styled music. In present day rap, common topics of interest are sex, drugs, guns, gangs and money.  But Drake is the son of a Jewish mom and African American father who was raised in Toronto, Canada in an upper middle class neighborhood. He was never exposed to gangs and drugs. He can only write about what he knows personally. I have great respect for him because of that. He is staying true to who he is. He writes about love, love lost, family, and has true emotion in his lyrics. He may get flack for that but it’s what he knows best.

“Sometimes I’m working and sometimes I’m just waiting. I write about my life, I don’t write about stories. A lot of classic rap is storytelling, but it’s storytelling about someone else. Fictional stories sometimes. I can’t do that. I have to write about my life. So, sometimes in order to complete a verse the way I want to or to finish a second verse on a song when I’ve already done the first one, I have to allow myself to either live a portion of life I haven’t lived yet or something has to set in.”Drake, Interview with Q 

Even after years of success, Drake still releases mixtapes. In February of 2015, Drake released ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’ as a “mixtape” on Spotify. He pulled a Beyonce move, by dropped the tape without any promoting or notice. The mixtape went viral within hours. This collection of songs shows just how far Drake as an artist has come and how much he has grown as a rapper.


The songs refer to his relationships with friends, family, and girls. The Drake you hear today is the exact same artist you heard on the ‘Heartbreak Drake’ mixtapes but he has perfected his craft. On this mixtape it shows. He is a more skilled writer. He has the ability of writing songs that people can relate to and understand what Drake is going through. He just tells his story with a sick beat behind it. He is a faster, more articulate rapper and listening to songs such as ‘HYFR’ he goes on a fast rant and shows similar abilities to Eminem. Eminem is known for his fast raps. When he raps, you can hear him articulate each and every word, regardless of the speed he is rapping. Drake over the years has picked up that skill. He is also a talented singer, so he has the ability to change the mood in his songs, shifting back and forth from singing to rapping.

He is a hard working, talented, versatile artist.

Fun Fact: Drake has had the same team of producers and engineers working with him since he was in high school making songs in his basement on cheap equipment. He stayed loyal to his friends who were putting in all the hours of hard work when he was unknown and now, those friends are recognized as some of the best producers and engineers in the industry. Noah ’40’ is recognized for hit after hit that he has created with the Toronto rapper.

If you listen to his collection of music from ‘Room For Improvement’ up until today’s latest release, ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late’ you are hearing the same young Toronto artist that first hit the music scene in 2006.

“Kick Push” ft. Lupe Fiasco (2006) VS “Know Yourself” (2015)

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West Coast Rapper, Sirah speaks with George The Greek

George The Greek got to sit down with (well, more like call up) west coast rapper Sirah to discuss her new mixtape “CULT”, where she came from, her favorite things about touring, and her relationship with Skrillex.

After my conversation with her, three words for you: ball of energy. Nicki Minaj better watch out… Sirah’s gunning for that number one spot!

Sirah Interview