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The SpongeBob Musical: It’s Not Guys in Big Foam Costumes

By Jazmine Chartrand



The SpongeBob Musical…I know what you’re thinking.  It’s going to be a lame musical for kids where the people on stage are wearing silly, bulky costumes made out of foam.



It’s something totally new. You’re immersed in a Bikini Bottom made of found objects that might sink to the bottom of the ocean- blue pool noodles, beach balls, pipes & tubes, tires, food cans, kiddie pools, hula-hoops, and garlands of flip flops. The characters themselves are just people dressed in normal clothes with special tweaks to make their characters come to life. There’s so many things about this musical that make it different.

They bring everything you expect.

That one fish that always shouts, “My leg!” in the show? He’s there. That French narrator dude? He’s there too. Sandy makes random similes about life. They do karate (or care-rah-tay). There’s jokes for adults and kids alike. The creators of the musical tried to jam-pack this thing with the details that make the TV show worthwhile. SPOILER ALERT: A certain number one fan of SpongeBob‘s is there to see the musical as well.

The music is unique.

The whole score is basically one big collaborative love letter to SpongeBob by renowned musical artists like Aerosmith, Panic! At The Disco, Cyndi Lauper, and John Legend to name a few. There’s even a song by David Bowie. The musical includes a bunch of different styles and genres of music just like the TV show.  And to set the mood while your finding your seat, the musical includes quirky little tunes on bongo drums and kazoos.

It’s fun!

Yes! Really! It’s fun to watch, cheer, and kinda participate in the show. It’s like you’re inside Bikini Bottom with them instead of watching it on a screen. You can’t help but smile when Patrick and SpongeBob sing a song about being BFFs or when men in pink flapper costumes dance across the stage. The show pushes the theme to find the best in all situations, even the bad ones, and to stick with your friends when they need you the most. The show’s co-creator and director, Tina Landau, says, “SpongeBob is a presence and a spirit that is here to say ‘Lets have the best day ever'” and the show truly gives you that.

spongebob 2I recommend this musical to both children and adults alike.

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Real Talk: Da Mayor’s Legacy and Beyond

We will finally have the prospect of a new mayor on Tuesday, February 22. Richard M. Daley has been the mayor of Chicago since April 24, 1989; 20 days after I was born. And after living in the Chicagoland area for my whole life, I have only known one mayor of the best city in the world. I have had the pleasure of living in Chicago for the last 4 years and it is a very interesting time for the city.
The Daley Dynasty is a legacy that has it’s definite highs, and definite lows. The most recent was the parking meter fiasco. A definite low, and not a smart move. Looking at the fact we have the highest hourly parking in the United States, the company running the show is not working with the city residents, and their idea of working out disputes is ticketing the car. It is hard to defend that selling the meters was good for the city. Daley has continually tried to sell our airports, something I would never support. There was the city hall hiring scandals and who could forget this infamous Meigs Field debacle.

Meigs Field was probably my favorite controversial Daley move. I still remember watching the tapes on the news, and the planes using the taxi-way to take off. Meigs Field was the day I learned what kind of mayor Daley was. If there was something he wanted, and city hall was dragging it’s feet, he was going to get it done. It is the same model the Yankees use with going over the salary cap and hiring the best players. Daley would do what needs to be done. He made the field into Northerly Island, we can only use it 2 months out of the year, and the hit the city took from the quick travelers was not worth the lost. I don’t even like the idea of Northerly Island. But none-the-less, Daley flexed his arm and stuff got done. He has made Chicago beautiful.
There is not a place in the world like Millennium Park. It is a gem in the middle of the city. I know critics say Daley focuses too much on the business end of the city and not the residents. While that may be, the fact is that the city is driven by the businesses that are here. There would be no reason for half of the resources in the city without the millions of people that have to work in the high rise office buildings. I support most of Daley’s positions on gun rights. I do think residents should be allowed to have a hand gun inside their home, but Daley is looking out for everyone. I feel people forget we live in a city and we all live and work together.

Daley’s reign on Chicago is done. I just hope the next mayor is focused on keeping the city moving forward, improving the quality of life in the city, and encourages economic growth in the city.  Join Eric P and Laura B Wednesday from 7p.m. to 9p.m. for a conversation on the Daley Legacy and hope for da new mayor.