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Random Acts of Flowers!

Have you ever attended an event, like a wedding or funeral, and wondered what happens to all those flowers after everyone goes home?  What about flowers in grocery stores and flower shops, that are not longer fresh enough to sell?  In what may be the ultimate in recycling, “Random Acts of Flowers” takes those flowers and repurposes them into something beautiful and inspiring!

Think about the joy you experience when you give or receive flowers.  That’s the joy that volunteers with “Random Acts of Flowers” get to experience regularly.  

The non-profit began in 2007, in Tennessee, by Larsen Jay.  After a near fatal accident Jay credited the daily visitors and dozens of floral arrangements he received as being a crucial element to his recovery.  Once able to leave his room, Jay noticed many other patients sitting alone, in rooms devoid of flowers.  He began going around the hospital gifting some of his floral arrangements to other patients and was struck by the effect it had on them  That’s when the seed for “Random Acts of Flowers” was sewn.


Today this wonderful non-profit has expanded and now has five branches around the country, including Evanston, Illinois.  Teams of volunteers do everything from refreshing the flowers that have been donated, then creating them into beautiful bouquets and arrangements and finally bringing them to patients.  Nurses and caregivers in healthcare facilities and nursing homes identify patients who seem in need of an extra emotional boost.

And science bears them out.  Research shows that patients who receive flowers recover more quickly and require less post-operative pain medication.


As we head into the holiday season WCRX FM is once again “Committing To Our Community”.  If you’d like more information you can check out http://randomactsofflowers.org


Camp Invention – Helping Tomorrow’s Inventors Today by @mauer_power7

In one classroom junior scientists explored static electricity, circuits and ways to power motors. Across the hallway in a different classroom named Edison’s Workshop, students brought in old household items to take apart and construct a multi-step machine. In another classroom, children are experimenting with the mathematical properties of soap bubbles and created their own bubble wands.

This was all part of the week-long Camp Invention held last week at Horace Mann Elementary School which I had the pleasure of working at. Each day, children rotated through five classes that asked them to use creative thinking and problem-solving skills to solve real-world challenges. The summer enrichment camp, a program of Invent Now, is open to children entering first through sixth grades.
The camp encourages the children to take the skills they learned at Camp Invention and continue using them at school and at home. The camp shows kids they can have a lot of fun, but also learn something, too.