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Turn That Frown Upside Down – Music And Our Mind “Feel Good Music”

Music will always have a lasting effect on our brains, whether we realize it or not. How is that so you may ask? As human beings we have anywhere from 50 to 70 thousand thoughts a day. Now, to me, that sounds a tad bit overwhelming. The fact that my brain is working that hard is crazy to me. By the time I realize it I’m usually overwhelmed. I’m the type of person that analyzes and overthinks everything. Sometimes I think my daily thoughts are doubled because by the time the end of the day comes I feel like my head is about to pop. Overthinking things isn’t always a bad thing. It just means you’re aware of your surroundings. Being able to control those thoughts is the important part.

Now where does music come into play? Well, when I’m stressed or in a bad mood music is my go to. I’ll play an upbeat song that I really like or that’s trending now and it will completely turn my mood around. When I’m running late and driving in the car I’ll play fast and intense music that will get me in a positive and fast thinking state of mind. It helps me get through those green lights faster and be more aware of the traffic around me, helping me figure out the fastest route to my destination. This tactic usually gets me to where I need to go faster and on time because my brain is focussed on my destination and getting there and not on how late I could potentially be.

Music is also so tightly fastened to our memory. Do you ever play a song and instantly think of someone or something from your past? Maybe like an event or awesome party you went to. Sometimes you don’t even realize it until weeks later when a song is playing and you get real connected to it and don’t even know why. Then you realize where it came from. When I was a kid my parents would take me to Disney World all the time. One of my favorite shows in Disney was called “Food Rocks.” It was an animatronic band of singing and instrument playing foods talking about eating healthy. (Sounds super cheesy but I actually loved it….no pun intended.) They played classic hits from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s such as Queen, Beach Boys, The Police, Cher and Aretha Franklin. But since the show was about food they’d twist the songs a little. Queen became “The U-tensils” and the Beach Boys became the “Peach Boys” and The Police became “Refrigerator Police.” Every time I heard those songs (from the show) on the radio I’d tell my parents “It’s that song from ‘Food Rock!’” My parents would laugh and tell me they were real songs and were just featured in the show. Even to this day when I hear those songs by those artists I think of the show “Food Rocks.” The last time I saw that show was 16 years ago right before it closed.

“Food Rocks” EPCOT, Walt Disney World, Orlando FL

It’s actually incredible the power music has over our minds. It can be used as a therapy to completely change our state of mind. Music triggers memory and all kinds of emotions. The next time you’re in a funk or up in your feelings play some music relating to those emotions or how you want to change those emotions and just watch how your attitude will change.

Here’s a playlist I put together of some “Feel Good Music.” It’s a mix of high energy, upbeat music that will help get your day going. Check it out!!

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Columbia College Chicago Holiday Tradition Continues

Join WCRX-FM Tuesday December 5, 2017 for our 15th Annual Holly Jolly Food Drive.  The LIVE Broadcast celebrates the season with visits from Chicago performers, celebrities and dignitaries all for a great cause, bringing meals to those in need.

Since 2002 Columbia College Chicago students, alumni, faculty and staff have helped raise over 45 thousand dollars and over 3 tons of non-perishable food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  Everyday the organization distributes 160,000 meals and works with more than 700 partner agencies and programs including food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.  Our collective efforts have fed thousands of people during the holiday season.

Stop by our live broadcast and donate a non-perishable food item or a canned good, bid on our auction items from supporting local businesses and celebrate the holiday season.

If you or your organization that would like to partner with WCRX-FM to help feed those in need, contact the station advisor Matt Cunningham at MCunningham@colum.edu, bring a food donation to the station or mail a check to Greater Chicago Food Depository to WCRX Holly Jolly, 33 East Congress, Chicago 60605.

Happy Holidays!



By: Tyler Bravo

We’ve all heard that there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, but where do we draw the line between friendly, and frightening? Trash talking to me has always, and will always be a part of sports, not a particular game, or any specific skill level, but all sports.  Whether you’re playing a pick up game of basketball in the park, a beer league softball game, or watching the pros on TV, you’re going to hear some trash talking.

One of the most iconic, and recognized photos of “The Louisville Lip” AKA Muhammad Ali clearly shows him trash talking his opponent.

The question for me is not if we should ban trash talking but to teach kids the difference between playful banter and trash talk that becomes a form of bullying.  As part of an anti-bullying initiative in New Jersey, high school athletes can now be ejected from a game for taunting opponents.  Many athletic officials think this initiative could serve as a model for other states.

From the time I can remember, any team I played on, or any gym class that I took provided an example of what was “acceptable” trash talking, and what was considered to be crossing the line.  We would all joke and goof on one another, but if someone said, or did something that crossed the line, the teacher, or coach, would immediately intervene. Granted there were times we were without adult supervision, but sportsmanship became part of the game proving that we learned what was ok to say to somebody and what wasn’t.

And for the “Sanctity of Sport” argument, even Babe Ruth would chirp it up with the opposing team.

For anyone who says trash talking has never existed in sports, check out Babe Ruth jawing with the Cubs before, during and after his infamous “called home run.”

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