Iceland Airwaves Day Four (11/8): Pink Street Boys, Shades of Reykjavík (REVIEW)

Our trip to the countryside of Iceland was an amazing experience. Half the time it literally looked like we were on Mars because everything was so empty. The best part of the tour was when we got to go see a waterfall. It was absolutely gorgeous and we even saw a rainbow coming from the water. The funniest part by far was when the girls in the class had to question how old Dominick, Tom, and myself were because we felt like “ice skating” on the sidewalk.


Besides the fact that Pink Street Boys is a pretty amazing band name they put on one amazing show. On the Iceland Airwaves app it says “Pink Street Boys play loud music, so loud it’s illegal” well they weren’t joking one bit. This band was loud, energetic and fun throughout their entire set. They had the crowd going absolutely bananas throughout the entire performance. The last time I had seen a performance with this much energy was when I saw Bruno Mars at the United Center last year. Even though the music wasn’t exactly what I normally listen to it was absolutely a blast.

After Pink Street Boys it was time for my last band review and I got to see another hip-hop group in Shades of Reykjavík. They have been a band since 2011 and absolutely brought the house down. The rhymes were flowing and the music was bumping during their entire set. They had more fun than almost every person in the audience it seemed but that only raised the energy from the crowd. It is often an exaggeration but it literally felt like the floor was about to collapse form the pounding base being pumped out of the speakers.


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